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There's plenty of talk about which players on the free agent market and in the draft could be acquired to best give them a chance to take the next step. While new additions are always going to take up the bulk of speculation Daniel Jones Jersey , it's also important to realize that there are players who are going to be leaving unexpectedly, which could throw the team for a loop if they aren't prepared.We see this every offseason, and the upcoming one won't be an exception. In fact, there lies a chance for even more players to leave their team prematurely Maxx Crosby Jersey , given all of the respective circumstances. It's all shaping up to be one of the most anticipated offseason in recent memory, and there will be plenty of shakeup to occur all over the NFL. Let's begin to speculate what could end up happening when push comes to shove, and which players will be packing up and leaving their current team.Ranked below are 15 surprise departures from NFL rosters that we'll see during the offseason. The running back position seems to have lost its premier status. How else do we explain that there are many running backs on cheap contracts, even though they are productive? Furthermore http://www.raiderscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-isaiah-johnson-jersey , there are still very good running backs on the market that have not been signed. Perhaps the free agents are holding out for more money and teams just do not want to meet these demans. After all, the NFL has transformed into a passing league, so can you really blame general managers for not wanting to give out big dollars to a back? Remember when quarterbacks throwing for 4,000 yards was a huge deal? Now Foster Moreau Jersey , it seems like it is a must for all quarterbacks, given the state of the league. This just shows running backs are not considered as valuable.Nonetheless, I personally still feel the running back position is vital for a team to go deep into the playoffs. A good running game sets up the play action and forces defenses to stay honest. Running backs are also capable of picking up the slack if the passing game is not working. This year, I think we will continue to see many running backs post over 1 http://www.raiderscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-hunter-renfrow-jersey ,000 yards rushing. We will also see big names that we are used to seeing rack up the yardage fail to do so. This article will predict eight running backs that will pass 1,000 rushing yards and seven that will not.

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