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Nothing that happens on the field in 2019 is going to impact the Royals next TV deal"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Royals Trade Rumors & Hot StoveRoyals Minor Leagues & ProspectsRoyals Review ClassicRoyals Review Users GuideThe 100 Greatest Royals Of All TimeHok TalkHok Talk: The TV deal cares not for 2019New Adam Duvall Jersey ,19commentsNothing that happens on the field in 2019 is going to impact the Royals next TV dealhas to spend a certain amount of money or reach a certain level of competence or at least be exciting in order to entice some TV company to pay the Royals a few million dollars more for their TV rights are all over the place. I honestly donít get it.Listen, Iím a computer programmer and a video game nerd when Iím not watching baseball. Maybe Iím not any more of an expert on TV deal negotiations than anyone else. But this mostly seems like common sense. The Royals previously signed a contract that lasted ten years. The next contract seems likely to cover a similar time period. So what does it matter if the Royals in 2019 win 100 games or lose 100 games? Thatís not going to matter in 2020 much less in five years or ten.Consider this: The Royals won the world series in 2015. In three short years since then, they managed to lose 100 games and also 40% of their attendance. The team also increased their sold tickets by a nearly identical amount from 2012 to 2015. Audience interest changes fast. Would it matter if the Royals could show that they were perennial winners with a constant interest in their market? Maybe. But playing well in 2019 canít prove that. For what itís worth the Royals continue to pull in more TV viewers than most teams in terms of percentage of their market size. Thatís something the team can point to in negotiations; the number of games they win in 2019 is not.If it only makes sense that the teamís record in 2019 wonít significantly affect negotiations then it makes sense that the players on the current roster wonít either. Whit Merrifield staying in KC doesnít improve the TV deal - either way heís likely to be gone before itís completed. Billy Hamilton being signed doesnít affect the TV deal. Heís likely to be gone before it even starts. That goes for Salvador Perez, Hunter Dozier, and Jorge Soler, too. None of it matters.There are relatively few things that seem likely to matter. Market size, obviously. Also the percentage of market that watches, the number of companies that want to bid (which is constantly changing depending on who wants into the televised sports business and who wants out), and whether televised sports continue to be the only show in town that gets people to tune in live - and therefore become captive audiences for the commercials that profit the television companies enough to make them willing to pay the team for the rights to broadcast the games. All of those things are outside the Royalsí control. The Royalsí role in these negotiations wonít be to sell the bidders on their on-field product, it will be to sell them on the market the product is in. What the Royals need to get the best deal isnít a good baseball team, itís a good negotiator. Hopefully Michael Lorenzen Jersey , theyíve got someone better than whoever helped them get the last deal.Speaking of Billy HamiltonThis deal has been pretty divisive among some people. I just... canít find myself getting worked up over it. Does Billy improve the team? Maybe? Probably not much? Does he take opportunities from some combination of Brian Goodwin, Brett Phillips, Jorge Bonifacio, and Rosell Herrera? Yeah but...does it really matter? Does it seem weird that the Royals wasted no time running out to sign him to a contract that will pay him at least as much as his former team thought he wasnít worth - and probably more? Yeah, it does.Billy Hamilton is who he is. Heís not going to suddenly learn how to hit. Heís 28 and the Royals donít exactly have a history of taking other teamís castoffs and turning them into golden boys. Especially not hitters. Heíll still be fun to watch in the outfield. And putting him on the same team as Whit Merrifield and Adalberto Mondesi seems like a great way to make the games a bit more interesting. Or at least it will make checking the box scores the next morning more interesting.The thing that really boggles my mind is that the Royals had a Billy Hamilton. And he was their own guy in Jarrod Dyson. And they traded him when he was being paid half as much money. They didnít remotely consider re-signing him when he became a free agent after trading him, either, despite the fact that heís still being paid less than Hamilton. Since 2014 Jarrod Dyson has played in two-thirds the game with half of the plate appearances of Hamilton. Heís been a significantly better hitter over the period of time. Leading Hamilton in all of the important rate stats - average, OBP, slugging, ISO - with approximately half as many home runs and half as many steals. Dyson was worth only 0.5 fWAR less than Hamilton despite the playing time discrepancies and worth significantly more in both the Offense and Defense stats FanGraphs uses. Iím just not sure why Dayton Moore is so covetous of Billy Hamilton when he had an extremely similar if not superior player in Jarrod Dyson and never seemed to care much for him. Despite the fact that Jarrod was a hometown guy and cheaper.I canít get worked up too much over the money, outside that comparison http://www.redsfanproshop.com/authentic-cliff-pennington-jersey , though. Six million dollars isnít a lot to spend on a baseball player in the best of times. And it isnít like the Royals were going to do anything better with that money, anyway. If they didnít spend it on Billy they would have spent it on Alcides Escobar or another hot tub for Mr. Glass. Of those three options, I prefer to spend it on Hamilton. The baseball player, not the musical. Though, now that I think of it... If the Royals had spent that money on convincing someone to put on a production of the smash-hit musical at Kauffman stadium whenever the team was out of town that might have been the smartest move. They could have profited quite a bit off of that. Of course, itís not like we expect Moore or Glass to start thinking outside the box now, is it? A look at whatís happening around the majors today:RALLY MURPHYThe Cubs have scored exactly one run in five straight games, all via solo homers, but theyíre hoping new addition Daniel Murphy can help string together some hits. The NL Central leaders bolstered their struggling lineup by acquiring Murphy in a trade with Washington on Tuesday, and he may join the club for a night game at Detroit. The 33-year-old Murphy was the NL Championship Series MVP when the Mets swept the Cubs in 2015, hitting .529 with four homers and six RBIs.ďItís going to be more fun to watch him hit Scott Feldman Jersey ,Ē Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. ďHe kind of devastated us in 2015.ĒĎPEN PAINYankees closer Aroldis Chapman is likely to have an MRI after he experienced pain Tuesday in the same left knee where he dealt with tendinitis earlier this season. Chapman was pulled in the 12th inning of a win over Miami after averaging just 96 mph on his fastball, the lowest of any outing for him since 2013, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Chapman has 31 saves and a 2.11 ERA this season. New York held reliever David Robertson out of Tuesdayís win because of a sore right shoulder, though manager Aaron Boone did not anticipate Robertson would be out long.POSEYíS DECISIONGiants catcher Buster Posey is expected to play against the Mets in New York, but the season might soon be coming to an end for the six-time All-Star. Posey says heís considering surgery to fix a hip problem thatís been hobbling him all year.The 31-year-old Posey hasnít homered in a span of 166 at-bats since June 19, the third-longest homerless drought of his career in terms of days. San Francisco is 62-65 and behind several teams for the second NL wild-card spot.WELCOME BACKStephen Strasburg (6-7, 3.90 ERA) returns to Washingtonís rotation after being sidelined by a cervical nerve impingement. His start at home against the Phillies will be his first outing since July 20. Heís 10-2 with a 2.22 ERA in 21 career starts vs. Philadelphia.HELLO OLD FRIENDMatt Adams is expected to join the Cardinals after being acquired Tuesday from the fading Nationals. St. Louis has charged back into playoff contention, and theyíre hoping a reunion with the lefty-swinging slugger can push them over the top. Adams hit .257 with 18 home runs and 48 RBIs in 249 at-bats after signing with Washington in the offseason. Adams should be activated prior to the Cardinalsí series finale at Dodger Stadium.CHECK HIMWhite Sox manager Rick Renteria will undergo further testing after an episode of lightheadedness. The 56-year-old Renteria was released from a Minnesota hospital on Tuesday, a day after missing a game.Renteria will be tested at a hospital in Chicago. Bench coach Joe McEwing is running the team while Renteria is away.

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