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come in all shapes and all sizes from a two member couple racing against time and the environment in ?The Amazing Race? to crowds cheering slogans and admiring the skills of the soccer teams of Real Madrid and Manchester United. History is witness to the success and failure of teams with the clich?d yet true adage that ?United we stand and divided we fall?. For people torn between national Joe Thuney Patriots Jersey , religious, cultural and ethnic sentiments, the team concept has percolated down to all aspects of our society.

Certain intrinsic characteristics and motivations drive teams in all fields of life towards achieving their dreams, both at the group level and on a personal front. The same way a diamond is graded according to its 4Cs, teams are built towards success on certain ground rule ?C? principles. Team formation is governed by a set of people who adhere to fixed rules Deatrich Wise Jr. Patriots Jersey , which can be categorized as a Charter. It is the binding force forming the do s and don?ts of participation. Clear expectations from the leader of the team, or the team itself, need to be determined at the very beginning, so that the operating principles are clearly defined. The reason for the team to be functional could range within any known bounds of rationality.

There are people of different skill sets, talents and capabilities. If all performance were on a constant measurable scale Devin McCourty Patriots Jersey , mankind would not have progressed very far, on account of different levels of tasks requiring specialized requirements. A good team is a balanced one, with each specific advantage that every member holds over the other in harmony. Blended collaboration ensures that all members contribute in a significant capacity to bring out the best in each one of the team players.

The two keys factors for success in any field is Commitment and Consistency. If the goal or the end result is the same for all, the team can become a force to be reckoned with. As much as we would like to believe that Michel Schumacher is extremely talented behind a set of hot wheels, car racing is team work Stephen Gostkowski Patriots Jersey , as with any other sport. Ensuring the car is serviced to the prime, guiding through the racing track, and ensuring that the wheels sets are changed to the count of seconds speaks volumes of a team geared to work at the optimum level of efficiency.

Control over the known and unknown factors to the maximum extent implies that the team not only functions knowing the set of variables, but also keeps a margin for errors as well as adequately prepared with backup contingencies. Sending the Pathfinder to Mars had its own share of mishaps and setbacks, but the success story is an inspiration for future generations of space lovers and star seekers.

Mankind progression was quantum in nature with the invention of the wheel Dont'a Hightower Patriots Jersey , the discovery of fire, and the will to realize that quality of life improved through innovations. Caution must be exercised between innovation merely for the novelty of the idea and creative innovation, which implies challenging the known frontiers of concepts towards something more profound and beneficial for humanity. People had scoffed at the idea of man being ever able to fly in the beginning of the last century, yet 45 years later Bomber planes were flying over uncharted territories. Creative innovation is one of the driving forces for progress on all fronts.

There can be consequences to innovation and collaboration ... 911 is an example to the horrors unleashed within a span of a few seconds. Teamwork was as crucial as the mastermind behind the chain of events which shocked the world.

Effective communication channels should be a two way process to avoid misunderstandings

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