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Take charge of Ma Feng to feel a hand a hemp, involuntarily connect to back three, not green mountain looking at Teng by shocked, immediately great voice cachinnation way:"Good marksmanship!You just say two to recruit and take Li in a fire and sprinkle oil on a fire.Just, that is the fire up sprinkle oil.The strength of that explosion, I am caught unprepared."
"This just just started!"On smiling, the Teng green mountain's foot is one Deng.
If the whole individual leaves the arrows of Xian and rushes at to take charge of Ma Feng and grows a gun to turn to make a black lightning flash in the hand, sting to take charge of Ma Feng's chest.
"Qiang!"Take charge of Ma Feng directly again is on splitting, the clear voice drinks a way at the same time, " collapses mountain nine swords!"
"Ha ha ……"
The Teng green mountain cachinnation wears, the transmigration of soul gun in the hand a record'take Li in the fire', seem the poisonous needle of that scorpion lightly one sting, even if that heavy sword change direction, make to take charge of Ma Feng that'collapse mountain nine swords'of the artistic conception are subjected to influence, later on the green mountain of the Teng be a record devote major efforts of'fire up sprinkle oil'.
Sees an open spaces place up, take charge of Ma Feng Jian's idea to add wildly fiercely more, the whole individual doesn't reply previous dispassion as well, but becomes some crazy rashness, the facial expression all starts rising red.
Because ……
The Teng green mountain unexpectedly and uncannily depends'take Li in the fire'and'fire up sprinkle oil'two recruit, completely tie lived him.
Take charge of Ma Feng to move speed not and calculate quickly, sees a Teng green mountain foot vivid and rounds to take charge of Ma Feng to without restraint display marksmanship.Teng green mountain of'take Li in the fire' seem a snake bite a person, but'fire up sprinkle oil'that meeting in a twinkling explode the gun head of power, is a head of poison dragon.
But wildly fierce, but cunning uncanny.
"This artistic conception ……" Teng green mountain crosses to use these two to recruit, while continuously coping with to take charge of Ma Feng, unexpectedly realize to arrive at the beginning the practice yin and yang in"three body types"s replaces of artistic conception."These two recruit, should, should be so!"At Teng green mountain hand in, two recruit marksmanship to slowly change.
Take Li in the fire, the Yin adding more is soft.
Sprinkle oil on the fire, add wildly fiercely more.
Two recruit copularly just like natural, gradual of, 'take Li in the fire'display a half, abrupt however change for'the fire ascend to sprinkle oil'.
The Yin is two soft wildly fierce artistic conception, can be in a twinkling alternative.
Take charge of Ma Feng Zhuang if is crary, he is quickly tormented Be getting more crazy:"What ghost marksmanship, in a short while the Yin is soft to be free from dint, in a short while wildly fierce explosion!"Take charge of Ma Feng to feel, oneself flicks to emphasize sword, originally think Teng green mountain a recruit'take Li in the fire', he has already worked well to unload dint to comply with the surrounding to continue to attackstone of preparation, can suddenly, yin and yang alternation, the Yin is soft a recruit to become wildly fierce a while.
Is caught unprepared next, take charge of Ma Feng to certainly get hurt.
These two recruit, have been already lived in hand at the Teng green mountain, only these two recruit, almost can say to blend on recruiting, let to take charge of Ma Feng to want to throw up blood sufferedly, that awkward felling, he has never met.
Take charge of the heavy sword in Ma Feng Shou to sell but, on recording a gun shadow to take out dozen on him, listens to bone ground crack, take charge of Ma Feng Zheng's individual to throw to fly.
In up to thousand martials, there is a silver hair ash tunic the old, vision snake, stare at a Teng green mountain:"This artistic conception ……last time Wei's that old guy in the sorcery precipice make track for to kill me, artistic conception and this recruiting is close very much!This young man this recruits although the artistic conception are still very misty, the sorcery precipice of not equal to Wei, but, he is just 17 years old!Is to kill him, let to return a dollar religion to have no this genius, still keep coming over his Duo, be my pupil?"

Chapter 58 blends
The year is only 17 years old, but have so terrible real strenght.

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