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At Teng green mountain within crowd eyebrows a wrinkly.
"Green mountain, exactly, the person is many here, malicious make moves, it is some kind of to shake Zhe owner!"Hope Hong but some excitements, also glimpse iron elder in the dress door of distance not'Wei Cang dragon', obviously imply one silk in the vision satisfied.

Chapter 57 Yin and sun
Wei the Cang dragon is iron elder in the dress door and also lead at present 100 years old, and hope Hong be regarded as old acquaintance.
Their 2 people, one person is to return a dollar Zong Hei Jia's soldier to get generally, one person is iron elder in the dress door, and the age is equal.This person is getting older, on the contrary will have the kid the disposition, 'kid''old kid', this parlance doesn't have no truth.2 people who also defy who, theory real strenght, 2 people differ only a few.
Wei Cang dragon used to the row led 《ground placard 》 once and hoped Hong but had no, this made Wei the Cang dragon usually feel to press old opponent a head of.
Now, hope the look in the eyes of Hong, make a Wei Cang a burst of vexation of Long Xin Di:"You return young generation of a dollar religion to appear a Teng green mountain, old guy, you have to idea?Hum, the hearsay Teng green mountain defeats a Meng farmland, who know what kind true circumstance is!Perhaps still used cunning means."
The Wei Cang dragon lowers the head to took a look Ping Wu Xie and concerns a way:"Have no blood, world the superior is numerous, losing need not care at a time, next time win again back be!"
Don't have an accident, Ping Wu Xie is future iron door lord in the dress door, iron dress door is good friends with to develop this to have no blood so much.
"Uncle Shi Zu!Having no blood is understand, that Yan iron of knife method, really severe, what I lost is to admire sincerely to take orally!However ……"Ping Wu Xie looking at distance, the apathetic youth that is dressed in jacket barefoot, firmly say:"Three years!Three years inside, I will definitely exceed him!"
Peep out satisfied smiling face on the Cang Long Lian of Wei.
"Uncle Shi Zu, you say, that Teng green mountain and department Ma Feng, who will win?"Ping Wu Xie says, at the same time vision Pie to the distance, a body form is big and strong, temples gray old dynasty several Zhang vacant land the center walk to, that old is a blue robe, carry on the back one handle black heavy sword.
The Wei Cang dragon sneers at 1:"Take charge of Ma Feng, although just small lord in the group door, can after all 80 many year old, immerse Yin for 67 decades on the sword method, be have no blood you, afraid all difficult win this department of Ma Feng, Teng green mountain?Looking at!"
Dark night, one pays torch to spark, will around reflect is red.
Up to thousand martial s round into several sons, an excitement not already, but several Zhang open spaces place the center only have one person, that green tunic the old, this green tunic the old Hong track:"Teng green mountain, could it be that, are you getting more timid?"Say, the vision relentless stares at the Teng green mountain of distance not.
"Teng green mountain!Are you getting more afraid?"
"What about Teng green mountain and come out quickly!"
Ring out in up to thousand martials a voice shouts a voice, the person is exactly too many, don't know as well is who shout, those force don't in disorder are worlds only and perhaps, yell over there.
"Chi Chi~~" Teng green mountain but basically ignore surroundings to shout a voice, with concentration of transmigration of soul gun two gun pole conjunctions get up.
"Take charge of Ma Feng, you were also an old-timer, my sorting for a while weapon, can't you waited for?"The orotund response of Teng green mountain is in the night sky.At the same time, greatly tread to head for open spaces place the center.See the Teng green mountain come out, immediately the one war whoop in up to thousand martials.
Teng green mountain to take charge of Ma Feng!
Can watch this Class a superior belligerence, that is 1 kind to enjoy.
"Ha ha, Teng green mountain, our gossip needs not says more, either!The under charge sees a true chapter!"Take charge of Ma Feng from back pulled out that handle black heavy sword.
Heavy sword sheath, response rise one metal vibration voice, the list holds black heavy sword, department Ma Feng Lian up fall grave, on the whole personal vehemence in a twinkling with this handle heavy the sword merge into an integral whole.Take charge of Ma Feng to stand over there, seem a heavy mountain stand erect over there, people can not move.

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