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"Three take charge of, three take charge of!"Sad and shrillly shout a voice to ring out from afar.
Sit on the chair to calm down quiet waiting three take charge of, hear this sad and shrillly shout a voice, not from once the facial expression change, fiercely the station rises, rant way:"Hao what, what matter?"
"Die!Is little to take charge of to die!White Ma Ying's all death rays!"From afar and sad and shrillly shout a voice, connected white Ma Bang Da Duns, Ma Ze, whom the original Xi Xi Rang Rang prepares to leave to all come to a stop a while, all horse thieves piped down and turned a head to see more than ten Ma Ze who shout Gao toward that.
All of those more than ten Ma Ze are that one face is frightened, connects to shout a ways:"All death rays, an all lively have no!"
Three take charge of facial expression to greatly change!
"The brotherses follow me!"Three take charge of madness to roar a , directly jump the red fire of one side right away, a take out horsewhip.
The red fire horse runs crazily.
Being big cluster of is big cluster of of Ma Ze Gen at three take charge of after death, connect to dash away to pass by.
"The white Ma Ying's death ray?"Ma Zes who get this news are completely surprised to be getting more foolish, a connects Si to roar and also together follows three to take charge of to dash away to pass by later on.
The hordes of troops and horses ground dashes away.
This threatening force frightenned flank that clansmens in the Chuang son all.
"Did you hear?The white horse helps littlely to take charge of and also have white Ma Ying all death ray."
"Who kill?"
"Who know?However you see white Ma Bang's ownerses all go crazy similar, this hordes of troops and horses kills in the past, who block live!"Ma Ze who looking at this vastly and mightily dashes away and imitates Buddha flood to generally hurtle crazily.This, really make people's tremble with fear scared.
White Ma Bang vastly and mightily of person's horse, soon arrive at a great deal of corpse location.
"Lyu~~~" pulls a Jiang rope, a war horse stops bottom.
Three take charge of from the red fire right away on jumping and descending, then dash away to have a corpse toward that, the mud is to splash ground to fly indiscriminately, white Ma Ying Yi each Ma Zes are dressed in heavy A, but have no a survival.
Behind of a great deal of horse thief Be all surprised to be getting more foolish.
Three take charge of facial expression also difficult see very, rant way:"See to still have quickly, there is one breath."Say three to take charge of to hurriedly check to explore one to have a corpse.
Is very quick, three take charge of and then discovered little take charge of'Hong earthquake hero'of corpse.The Hong shakes the hero's eyes to still stare roll a circle, refuse to close eyes in death.
"Three take charge of, white Ma Ying's person is mutual annihilation!"There is Ma Ze that fear ground to shout a way.
Have some horses thief really the throat still stab a long gun, that is mutual annihilation Yi Pi Ma Ze.
"The head was shot to wear, even shot helmets to wear, all of these BE, be all shot by the concealed weapon to wear."Ma Ze shouts a way.
Three take charge of an always calm and steady face, a speech doesn't deliver.
"The concealed weapon superior being iron mountain to help!Is the concealed weapon superior who collapses to fly to greatly take charge of weapon, he came to revenge!"Ma Ze says.
"Three take charge of, we get for little take charge of to revenge!"
"Three take charge of!"
Surroundings of Ma Ze's the head of groupses all see to three take charge of, be little take charge of a to die, this white Ma Bang's position the tallest is this three take charge of.
"Is a concealed weapon!King and teacher niece, my eldest brother, all because that concealed weapon just die!"Three take charge of voice deep and low, " this white Ma Ying the greater half person's horse be all shot the dead by that concealed weapon, as for is mutual annihilation that to is just one act that the murderer forges and let us suspect indiscriminately!This murderer, be kill king and teacher niece, and indirectly harm the concealed weapon superior whom the iron mountain of dying my eldest brother helps, estimate that king iron mountain also mixs therein!"
Surroundings Ma Ze also all agrees with this parlance.

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