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This time, also on the hoof Ma Ze also 2310 people.
"See, still keep wanting me to make moves!"The that Hun thick voice rings out.
A great deal of pebble once rows vast sky, a Ma Ze is killed, includes those attack Hong the earthquake hero's Ma Ze be equally killed.
Only a short moment, also on the hoof Ma Ze, leaves little take charge of'Hong earthquake hero'1.
The Hong earthquake hero holds long knife and looking at surroundings, a ground of corpse, 146 Ma Ze, leaves his one person.The Hong shakes a hero suddenly eyes stare roll a circle, toward to greatly postpone a mountain rant way:"Is you!Do you intentionally make us mutual annihilation and make you little hard to tackle spirit to right so much?"This time, the Hong shakes a hero finally understand.
"You are true cleverness!"Original Hun thick voice, suddenly become that sort to acquaint with.
"This voice, I where once listenned to ……" Hong shakes hero's eyebrows a wrinkly.
Sees that greatly postpone top of hill to jump down to a shadow of human figure and fall at mire ground up, dynasty Hong earthquake the hero come over here.The Hong shakes hero's crest rain-storm, cautiously looking at this person, he really wants and sees ……that terrible of concealed weapon superior, evil-foreboding dream the similar existence is exactly who!Otherwise, his dead is also unwilling!
"Is you!"The Hong earthquake hero shockedly stares big eyes.
The Teng green mountain is bare hands, so step by step head for a Hong earthquake hero.
"Is that you killed my senior, is that you harmed to kill my dad!Is you, Teng green mountain!"The Hong earthquake hero has scare in the eyes, not from connect to back.

Chapter 56 aftermath
The rain-storm lets Hong earthquake the hero all soaked through all over, whole body icy cold, can feel more cold to is his heart at the moment!
"Teng green mountain!Your adult is a great deal of, put my one horse!"The Hong earthquake hero swallowed to swallow throat, simultaneously retreated a part anxious say, " I, I rest my wife, I marry your younger sister as positive wife!Your younger sister hereafter is doctor person whom my white horse helps.I, I let a big master position to you and beg you, Rao I."
The Hong earthquake hero bursts 1, knelt down.
The Teng green mountain looks down to kneel the Hong earthquake that kowtows to beg for mercy on the ground hero.
"Beg-" Hong earthquake also says in hero's mouth, can suddenly-
On putting on cold light to fiercely shine, keep stabbing the Teng green mountain chest vital part.
"Die."The Hong earthquake hero's complexion rises red, if the form is crary!
In fact be a Teng green mountain to appear, the Hong shakes a hero understand, Teng green mountain impossible Rao his life, because oneself has already known the true character of murderer, if the other party doesn't appear, he Hong earthquake the hero still have a silk to protect a life opportunity.So, the Hong earthquake hero begs for mercy, pressing the root be for relaxing a vigilance the Teng green mountain, display the strongest one knife!
Must kill a Teng green mountain!
Isn't a Teng green mountain dead, is him Hong earthquake hero's dead!
"Qiang!"The Teng green mountain right hand double clips tightly long knife, the inhospitality looking at a Hong earthquake hero.The Hong shakes hero's these tricks, to once experience the modern and super cutthroat trains of Teng green mountain but speech, just pediatric, the Teng green mountain wants to do of, be looking at the other party flounder, but a time fall through the other party hope, until make the other party breakup, despair!
The Hong shakes hero's complexion to greatly change and connects Ye 23 times, all Ye motionless.
"Is funny!"Teng green mountain once the right hand move, long knife be clipped tightly by him, then shake a hero in the Hong neck up once row.
"Burst!"Blood like water fog similar jet.
The Hong shakes hero's eyes to stare roll a circle, seem to be not to believe oneself died so:"You, you ……" he means to say what, can soon then have no dint to pour on the ground, the look in the eyes keeps on being dreary.
Kill a Hong earthquake hero, there is no a silk motion in the Teng green mountain heart.
The Teng green mountain walks to one to have side in the corpse and all check some kind of, prevent°froming someone didn't die, all of 146 corpses check a time of, Teng green mountain this just leave quietly in the rain-storm.

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