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Volume 3 starts to stand back to be person's chapter 655 to kidnap(up)
"You are to come to ask small promise news of?"See a leaf for autumn a first eye, Long Nyu then saw through a leaf for autumn this time come over a ground of purpose.
"Also have some to miss you."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.H'm come forward to pull Long Nyu's hand, but be stayed away by her."Small white at nearby of time, she will not allow a leaf frivolous for autumn.
She understands small white's feelings for leaf autumn.See it in one if the woman of life nearby, with she beloved man's flirtation.The Buddha Zu will punish himself/herself.
"You can come.I am very delighted.Also really substituting a small promise is happy."Long Nyu in person past make cup pure tea for the leaf autumn."Small promise oneself the gold blood taking send to you, have already made household the rules is for sky.As I see it, now return be closed in the home to face the wall to feel remorse.Momentary half meeting son, is can hardly come out of."
"Face the wall to feel remorse?"Leaf autumn Leng Leng.Say:"This is second orchid Di especially the punishment method of the Si?"
"How?Did you feel too lightly?"Long Nyu smiles to ask a way.
"May be that I think reality too ruthlessness."Leaf autumn self-ridicule of Song shrug Bang.He originally has already worked well full mental state preparation.
He knows, once being second the orchid Di Si revenge gets up especially, that is the stroke of strong breeze shower sort.Is second the orchid Di Si is especially a sky, field three greatly decide one of the households, the superior inside the clan is like cloud, numerous.
The autumn of the leaf has never exchanged blows with the Di promise of Chris, but he knows, 2 people truely open fight.Oneself very may isn't her opponent.
Oneself even if learned four now heavy strength son, real strenght and Long Nyu still have a certain margin.
After all, she compares she early and gets into king class for more than 10 years.But oneself just break recently.
Long Nyu and Chrises hate a promise ratio to put together and all have no how much cure of success.Still less oneself?
More depressed BE, the Di promise of Chris isn't just second orchid Di Si especially first superior.Hear they that abnormal household inside returned a , abnormal youth, be called second Si.Although he didn't inherit the gold blood of household,the real strenght compares to still have to be a little bit violent than the Di promise of Chris.
Ye Qiu knows second Si, 2 people still face to face personally at a time.That is the how excellent person, even if and equally is an autumn of the man's leaf, also have to the heart living jealous of heart.
Who if grow so a face mixs a show biz, can absolutely let the pantheress animal of the whole world for of madness.
"Even if they fight with the car wheel, oneself also carries on the shoulder not to live."The autumn of the leaf worries of think.
But have never thought, the affairs thunder this time is big, the raindrop is small.They didn't care this affair too much.
"Probably, they are also very satisfied to they."The autumn of the leaf from love of think.If can become second especially orchid Di the son-in-law of the Si is also an an affair of thief's scene.
"Any affairs all do the best plan, this is your advantage."Long Nyu looking at a leaf to say for autumn."Although the Di promise of Chris breaches a rules, can finally is the tradition of the gold blood.The household isn't likely to do a how scathing punishment to her."
"That your meaning BE?"
"Is second the orchid Di Si household is especially an inside in enforce the law the troops of brigade have already been sent.
Is beyond all doubt, their targets are to aim at you since then."
"I know, the affair isn't so simple."The leaf autumn bitterness says with a smile.
"Only work, just have the choice punishment the power of the object.Although is them household insider violate the rules, , if they kill off you, don't also make up the mistake of settling a dispute the piece so?"
"See.The person must think a way to become a work to just go."
The autumn of the leaf.This is also I always to your expectation.You can walk one-step to there.The whole world will bend the head to you."Long Nyu's eyes are crystal bright crystal bright, hard and stubbornly stare at a leaf autumn to say.
"It is all right.I will make great effort."The autumn of the leaf seriously nods.Is very quick, he the earnest facial expression acrossed down and asked a way:"Where is that enforced the law a brigade now?Is all some what person?How is real strenght?"There is also that second Si, did he come out together?"
You also have frightened of time ?"The break into laughter voice of Long Nyu Qing.

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