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"Three young ladies ……gratitude such as.Still remember not?"
", She?Remember, how don't remember?Is single first Yun, hear that borning one after being wild kind of, again drive husband's family to expel come, ah, our chemisette faces all to exert."
"Hiss, small voice point, know?I hear, he comes back and contends for to thank what patrimony produce this time.If was contended for by him to walk, we but want to be subjected to what he take care of"
After the message that receives Cai Bo to deliver in person, thank family also opened a home meeting first.Take part in this meeting certainly of is all Xie Dong Xian's a son person.
Xie Jia is different from other big households, master son also not is have no brothers sister, but they didn't entitle to to the property of battling out Xie Jia.Because Xie Jia is truely prosperous, the achievement that thanks the master sub- individual, and his brothers sister have no.
So, these year although they can enter Xie Jia business enterprise inside work, don't get into a core decision layer of opportunity.But core decision layer.It is also nothing but one Xie Dong Xian just.Even their positions are rather thanked east wise see as the left Bang of Chen Ke Qiang of the better arm.
The living room of the thou color thou joss-stick inside, in addition to Xie Dong Xian.Xie Dong Xian's wife, Chen Wan Hua, , the gratitude is like the outside of Xie Xin Yi family, also have Chen Ke Qiang this outsider is sitting.
"Daddy, say with me, we need not worried.Quiet view it changes.The autumn of the leaf gave offense to ocean Liu, sooner or later will horizontal corpse street, he returns how to contend for with us when the time comes"the gratitude disagree of say, his in the mind still constant factitiousness, ocean Liu's affirmation will tidy up a leaf for autumn.
"Yes.Last night's affair I also heard.This young man, don't know immensity of the universe too much.East wise, we so strain dry what?You are Xie Jia's lord in the house, we are Xie Jia's host, if he comes to visit, should the nervous person is that he is just right."Chen Wan Hua also attaches and wear the son's flower.
"Say again, accept don't accept his coming to visit is decided by us.Don't take pleasure in seeing him, beat the hair to him and drop not become?
Xie Dong Xian's some one eyes that helplessly saw his/her own wife and wife, the in the mind heavily sighs.This son of oneself, also was really like a pole his mother.The vision is short shallow, the thinking is immature, and the deceit is soft afraid hard, meet than their more severe of, connect to loudly talk of courage all have no.
However make Xie Dong Xian strange BE, a mouth skin son's most suitable Yin Sun cruelty Xie Xin today is a cover version very much.Dense as a blockly sit where, the look in the eyes is empty, tour by imagination outside in the sky, also not know is just thinking what
Gratitude's pouring is to know that Liu gave birth to Sun clearly own several to elder sister, but the affair of behind occurrence combines to have no knowledge.So don't also tell his/her own father these matters.
"The gram is strong, you said pair of.Want to make him come in?"Xie Dong Xian looking at to sit at the most nether Chen Ke Qiang and makes a noise to ask a way.
Chen Ke Qiang hears the cup that the owner ask words, let go of a hand inside and say with a smile:"Owner, now isn't that we want to let the problem that he comes in.Even if we this refused him, can't he ascend a door?And, this kind of affair spreads to go, afraid is the pure to the owner to also have damage."
Xie Dong Xian picked to pick eyebrows and asked a way:"Say so, were you to agree to make him ascend a door?"
"Know both your opponent and yourself yes, so as to find out to win victory of key.We aren't clear now him to have to get hold of the fourth contract.If he puts forward the business that to divide the surplus 1/3 property after coming, we make him produce contract.If he produced, we are wanting the method for solving, if he can not produce, that the nothing important say so much of.Directly can definitely cut off."
Xie Dong Xian wanted to think and said:"Go, that prepares to meet guest.The person who notifies a city bureau guards in the neighborhood, if he dares to make moves to harm a person, take him."
Don't know what is the row son, Xie Dong Xian's at heart always has together thick heavy shadow.

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