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The autumn of the leaf casts away the data in the hand table up, stretch hand to massage there are some the temples of delivering the bulge in the forehead both sides.
He is to dislike these writing things most , before learn of what day drily paid English mathematics to turn all is finished under the forcing of old headman, at that time the person in Liu Jia Cun usually the full face captivation ground looking at a leaf for autumn, didn't understand he why hold all day long a roar of they saw all not understand of big thick book, Wa in the Ji of say some they listenned to also not understand of words.
Gun pole result, so leaf autumn everyone's noodles is all very excellent.Be from mountain village of he can also have good command of foreign language this kind of miraculous thing.
But after he go out to bum, any further there is no interest browsing them.Even if is some industry documents, he will also hand over by specially assigned to be responsible for.Can not see these materials now, feels brain mentally dense one.
The small white sits in the corner of sofa to pare an apple.He sees exhausted appearance of leaf for autumn, but doesn't be like a that sort of other women to walk over to help massage on his/her own initiative.
He is a sword.
The sword is to use homicidal.
Wang Bo's pouring is some cant not bear to, sent cup tea to say in the past:"Young master, you still rest rest again see.So thick data, which have time can see something to finish for one night.
The leaf once connected autumn tea to drink an one mouthful and said:"It doesn't matter.Pour is not too tired either.Is these words to see of let people's eyes deliver puckery.No wonder that Liu clearly livinged to investigate for several years so also on having no acquisition, at the beginning of affair's returning was really too skillful.Is skillful of make people could not seek the trace of one silk factitiousness."
Heap at all of the leaf autumn in fronts is relevant in those early years the department of two aunts empty fine and hospital of lord cured doctor Xu Hua Wei knock down be massacred time of relevant data, very thick a fold, fully had more than ten origins.It is thus clear that Liu clearly livings these years always have never once given up to look for true facts.
These data is what Liu clearly living there report come over, all of big parts are to around wear Xie Dong Xian to launch inquisitional.In addition to treat from Xie Dong Xian Chen Ke Qiang's attitude up discover one silk clues, other a have no acquisition.
"Young master, rice wants eating of an one mouthful, the matter wants doing of a piece per piece, and we urgently don't get.
Today is the first day that arrives at Kuala Lumpur, the young master can make contact, and get his help with two Yes, this has already been anticipantly good friends with than us up many.
And, Liu clearly living in Malaysia is the person who has much of a way.He before is depended to wade black house, even if is Malaysia's most famous "steel big king" now, is an up of brothers that didn't give him several cents face?Even still have many gangs direct oblation him as teacher in a sky.If he also stands at us, the affair isn't too difficult either to do."Cai Bo advises Wei to say.
"Cai Bo, I not is worry the property is difficult to get hold of of affair.I am to think to two Jius to do some matter.The first time we meeteach other, he sent a so heavy gift.If isn't his help, we even if keep on consuming in Kuala Lumpur, it is a nothing important meaning to fear also.He bitterness so several years, body also drive alcohol harm of severity, not ability again eliminate so to sink."Ye Qiu explains to say.Walk to the front of the small white wheat flour, from the his hand in once connected an apple to chew one mouthful.
Hear the affair that the leaf bring up to thank to rise in the east for autumn, Cai Bo is to heavily sigh and say:"At the beginning two Yes and young lady wered conjugal love most , 2 people regardless go where all is to form a pair, is Kuala Lumpur to is subjected to a rightness that the person envies most .Is unexpectedly god not be willing, the young lady will meet this affair like this.Can find out to really think to be good also, otherwise, what young lady died wrongs too much.I am what young lady got empty a house to take out from the department come, have already wished as well to find out true facts for her, but strength shortage"
"Cai Bo, you know where Xie Jia is" leaf the autumn squint Jing to ask a way
"Young master, although I didn't come back for several decades.But now even if is shutting eyes, I can also find out the road of returning Xie Jia.I time at Xie Jia Dai grew too much"Cai Bo think of ground to say.
The "is all right, we tomorrow go to Xie Jia and visit" leaf's autumn tone firmness say.

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