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"Is the leaf's autumn again?What position is he exactly?Why does the everywhere set against with us?If snake king really die, why only he just have of wear heart red will appear tonight of carouse?Wear heart red is oviparous, meet water to namely live.In addition to snake king, still have other persons can make this kind of snake egg?"
The facial expression that is also one face deliberation in the sky of the Fan says:"I am to see with own eyes snake king be killed.Snake Wang Duo Nian develops snake female to also die at the same time.Should can't again someone make this kind of snake egg.Probably, is at snake the time that king is on the hoof, there is snake egg drifting about in other hands?"
"Let's go out and see.Probably, this is also a chance to us.Start to the boundary person in sky, always need one to lend."The male says.
The autumn of the leaf also is prosperous in hand the half cup red wine ground the glass cup hit on the ground, the full face murderous look ground says:"I there is snake in this cup wine."
The view of owner all transfered in the autumn body again, the leaf had never thought to still have an and Switzerland old soldier equally unlucky guy.
The Switzerland's old soldier also stopped and the quarreling of Kai Rui was full of to sympathize with ground to see leaf's one eye for autumn.Although previous 2 people have never once beaten to hand over a way,2 people be all put poison in now, this time nature is some share a bitter hatred of the enemy a ground of flavor.
The Kai Rui keeps a town quiet hard and walk to the leaf in quick time autumn in front, respectully ask a way:"Sir please don't be excited.We will definitely find out an affair and give everyone a to reply satisfiedly.I first step doubt someone be secretly beginning feet, eyes ground be for breaking harmony of this general assembly, oneself sits the benefit of accepting the fisherman.(All novels exceed the speed limit renewal:]"
"Why can be it happened that is put poison in to I?"The autumn of the leaf pulls a long face bad ruthlessly say."I only took place with thousand leaf Xuns how many quarrels argue, this is me situation poison the reason of the hand?"
The words heard a leaf for autumn, the Switzerland old soldier's eye pupil turned several turns, is like an appearance suddenly realize, loudly the Rang Rang writes to say:"I finally know why be put poison in, must because I am the candidate of field performance in a sky.
To there are so many brotherses backing me uping, so come to fight revenge.To, similar."
Arms and legs flourishing person, brains very simple.The Switzerland old soldier is under the inducement of leaf autumn set oneself up as an example, very easy think that the affair is toward the aspect of deep time.
The boundary remarkable talent in sky of field son inside also not quite supports male and also has many people to support a Switzerland old soldier or a few other candidates.Hear 2 people so on saying, also really some people feel quite right.
You think, leaf autumn and thousand at the time that leaf Xuns disputed suspicion, the owners all personally witnessed.And Switzerland old soldier again is have much of a competition ability in the candidate of a , they want to remove these 2 people and can not not comprehend, either.
, They do like this whether was too reckless?
At least, you want to kill people to kill to be secretively to carry on.
However change an angle to think, the words of fruit Switzerland old soldier not enough vigilance, perhaps he has already take to wear heart red wine to redly drink into belly.Words like that, he not just kills a person now a , became dead to have no to the disease?
"Sir, you misunderstood.We aren't likely to do one affair like this.Please give us some time, the very quick affair will check water rockslide."Kai Rui drive these are impervious to reasonly two guy to say to soon cry.
He is the escort brigade of thousand leaf households captain, the peacetime returns be really didn't how see these days of boundary personages in the eye.But he is the main representative director of party tonight, on of party ask, the responsibility wants to be undertaken by him naturally.So just at old soldier of Switzerland the impoliteness force and insult and humiliate again and again under everywhere endure to let.
But, the mire bodhisattva has three cents the quick temper.Still less these peacetime prides haughty airly thousand leaf the household bodyguards?
The Kai Rui in nowadays is also burning with anger, having a kind will soon break out trend.
"Affair be you do of, how do you check?How many times can check out?Ten day?A year?"The autumn of the leaf is impatient to say."Exactly is who do, your nature can't know.Let young master in your house come out an explaination to us."

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