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He has never thought, at oneself and a superior physical fight ground time, moreover a person would receive all don't beat 1 to join combat.
And, what first shot throws out is still a concealed weapon.
Is mean shameless mean so ground the words has already been not enough describe him, even have no words to express military instructor at this time heart in of exasperation.
The autumn of the leaf is worried about iron cow ground condition of the injury, didn't also continue to make track for shot.Run over to hand iron cow from the ground, ask a way:"Iron cow, how are you?How to feel?"
"The elder brother of the loach, sorry.I beat however he."Iron cow weakly raises head, full is sorry and ashamed on the simple and honest face.
"Have to feel where uncomfortable?"The autumn of the leaf is asking and buttonning up the pulse of iron cow.
"Have no matter son.My skin is thick.He beats a ground of little bit all not painful."Iron cow coughs to say, and then vomits an one mouthful blood.
"Go.Knew with the other people's margin?Hereafter forbid to strut about."The autumn of the leaf blames ground to say and takes out a black powder pill wrapped with the tin paper from the bosom and feed into an iron cow of mouth inside.If the list theory kills people of skill, even if is a being greedy for of fifth troops wolf not necessarily so will excel this military instructor as well.Combat experience of iron cow is too little, beat however he is a very normal affair.
Early knowing should not make iron cow ascend, oneself directly goes and this military instructor exchange blows good.Just have never thought this military instructor will be so strong.Free to the defense of iron cow this super invincibility, also drive he dozen the ground throw up blood.If isn't oneself to make moves in time, afraid is iron cow will be lived by him to kill.
"I am to think, beat his hand the remnants is also.So-loach the elder brother can't suffer a los."Iron cow says.
Heart of leaf autumn be like drive what things to clench a , change a while ground to silently have no language.
He finally understands iron cow why don't want to replace he to take place, originally he is to worry the condition of the injury on his own hand.
He understood why when himself wants his end, he stubbornly wants to stay present up continue to try very hard to with others of reason.
He understood iron cow be like deliver crazy general of with reason of military instructor to boxing, he is to want to beat the fist of opponent to be also disable and sick.Thus, while waiting until oneself to take place can't suffer a los too much.
He is understand, he is always all understand, and oneself can't be the opponent of this military instructor.He was just a he to is to become cannon fodder.
But he of so try very hard to so, only is want to create for oneself to be a 'fair'of combat opportunity.
Iron cow, this isn't good at long expression, whatever other people say all is to person big statures with silly smile look is thus pure such lovely.
The autumn of the leaf lightly claps the shoulder of iron cow and says with a smile:"Have not I already said?My hand is all right.You like a rest, underneath of the affair hand over to me to come to solve."
"Good.The elder brother of the loach.I trapped and slept first in a short while."Tie Niu says, shut last eyes.
The elbow shot of military instructor once beats the back part of skull of iron cow and caused his head have the fainting of severity the Xuan.So iron cow woulds feel exhausted and has already grown the felling that wants to go to bed.
The autumn of the leaf didn't wake him up, after being even his body to lie on the lawn, the station started to see to flank of military instructor.
He has never taken advantage of an opportunity to escape and sees to him to own sneak attack and is also an old grudge very, tonight, certanly will want shot to kill oneself.
This is exactly the leaf's viewpoint within autumn heart.
The autumn of the leaf sees past of time, the military instructor was give°ing a chain son of oneself neck to pull down.The Ning opens that made of copper bullet warhead, then opens a mouth and give°ed a drop of liquid of inside to pour into a mouth inside.

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