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His representative connects house.So before represent to connect a house of connect was the spirited discarded?
Just with this.Can become Su Hang's hot issue.
But connect the words that the house apologizes to the leaf autumn.So also be say to connect a house to compromise?The leaf is little already in the shortest time inside unify Su Hang?
Thought of this.Shell gram loose some concussion.Or oneself choose of opportune moment exactitude.If the devotion that isn't at the beginning so affirmative his camp.Now the situation of shell house is afraid is very embarrassed?And come most late of the.Cake affirmation for assigning is the minimal.
After all.The fork that assigns Su Hang, this big cake now is to hold in leaf's autumn hand in.
As for they once took place what displeased.Now that leaf the autumn didn't tell him.He doesn't want to explore as well.So as not to arouse otiose trouble.
Shell gram the Rong that is loose to looking at to connect Zheng.Ask a way:"Matter like this.You seek Han You the Ling arrange more suitable.Why to want to seek me?"
Connect Zheng Rong to obviously traverse to have no good will to Han You.The Pie mouth says:"He?He is a bedlamite.Wants to continuously gobble up.Where will he help?Being very anxious to connect a house to across soon is just good.So who gain advantage most ?The nature is their Xing Han of.After all.Chen Jia process the height last time extended.The group inner part still needs to work out many problems now.If extend a words again.The meeting is supported dead.But is their Han Jia early and then have already opened big mouth to wait for a find coming."
The shell gram is loose to decline to comment.In the mind but jot don't agree with the words of connecting the Zheng Rong.If Han Jia again extends.Became Su Hang's a new huge monster again.The autumn of the leaf although occupancy benefits at Chen Jia.But Chen Jia's groundwork really was too shallow.Basically have no way and several other houses to match.Even if what he made every effort sucks up.Also far and far falling behind is afraid Han Jia's step.
He also hope that Su Hang can keep present condition.Words like that.Connect at the reason that on the contrary has already existed down in the home.
The shell gram is a little bit loose to nod.Say:"I will help you the contact of.You can succeed.Still need to be decided by a leaf little attitude."
The autumn of the leaf not only only and successfully did a big surgical operation.And still overcame a heart evil.It are exactly time for these two days extremely proud of successly.
Tang Guo's attitude to the leaf autumn said nothing of.Carry tea to pour water to pass a bowl to clip vegetables not to say.The clothes shoes watch tie is also a beat a dozen to buy.
The full-length gown of ten Mian satins.1 time settled 10 sets for old headman.Keep the matching of old man son joy not Long mouth.Keep Kua, he is a good girl's son.Connect iron cow all many quite a few set clothes.Still hanged on the neck a thickly gold chain son.
Say with spoilt daughter of a rich family Tang's words be.The strong man wears thick chain son to relatively have the man the flavor.Iron cow still really has this a fondness for.The golden light gleams every day of flap about in the leaf autumn in front.Rush toward street to write a hand with network Luo violent in action.
Chen Mo Nong serves as a group post of Executive Director of Chen Shi.So most time still have the company favour live.And wise also want to work.Chen Mu again can not all day long westwards the mountain run here.So care Tang Bu Yi's work from leaf the autumn and Tang Guo served as.
Leaf's spare time likes the environment of this place.Also live in the west mountain sanatorium.And the expert of those nerve section and brain sections didn't also release.Together steep with them every day.
The autumn of the leaf receives a shell gram loose telephone empress.Being also very surprised is some kind of.Considered in a short while.Still keep promising to connect the request of the meeting of Zheng Rong.
While being just wanting into the house.The cellular phone in the pocket rang.
See the name that the arrival electricity shows.The autumn of the leaf took aim the trend of taking aim Tang Guo after being vigilant of the dynasty.
Seeing her didn't come out behind.This just connected a telephone.
The telephone is what Sung parable beats to come.The responsibility asks a leaf to promise to make the younger sister have a meal for autumn.Exactly prepare to drag along to arrive when.
Ye Qiu wanted to think.Arrange tonight.
Think of to want to face sister in Sung house alone.The autumn of the leaf some headaches.
The towel that Tang Guo uses to warm up wipes face for Tang Bu Yi.Act light and soft devote one's mind, the love in the eye and continue to long for is like an original favor of airtight sweet.Thickly can't turn to open.

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