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Wisely the person can't like one similar to oneself wisely person.So foolishly and purely and purely Tang Guo on the contrary gotted leaf for idly the best impression cent.
"H'm.I am getting more understand."Tang Guo nods to say.
The autumn of the leaf claps Tang Guo Di's head.Then with fortitude returned a body to enter operating room.Otherly the doctors all got into an operating room empress.The operating room ground front door slowly closes.
Is present and public be all given away foolishly by Tang Guo's earth's surface shocking live.Even if the leaf autumn goes in to do surgical operation ground for time.They have never responded to come over to say hi.
The shell gram is loose to is really in distress situation.Wish.How will this luck in love be prosperous to this extent?
The Tang Guo spoilt daughter of a rich family is still really a young tiger fierce.Unexpectedly dare to be positive card girl friend's ground of somebody else to vindicate like this.
Iron cow but is a full face painfully the head of Nao Nao.At present doom.Again a person wanted to rob loach with two Yas an elder brother.
But wise husband and wife are surprisedly also gapes.Is this exactly how to return to Shu?How to listen to some in disorder.
Is present most don't feel oddly is Chen Mo Nong.She knows that Tang Guo likes a leaf for autumn.Very early the past knew.And.She can't feels that Tang Guo just contends for robbing a man with her, either.If if oneself calculates a ground of words.Afraid is oneself is a last their feelings third party.
Chen Mo Nong comes forward to hug Tang Guo Di's shoulder.2 people the ground bench sit in seat of honor to the front of the hallway bottom.Advise Wei to say:"Fruit fruit.Don't worry.Believe that the leaf is for autumn.He will for the sake of you is diligently.And grandpa Ye also went in.He beside can't stand by with folded arms ground.If appear what Tu imitate past.He can also handle.Still have to so ask Yan city more to please to ground a doctor expert.They also all harm."
Tang Guo returns to body to hug Chen Mo thickly waist.Depend head in Chen Mo Nong's circle smoothly shoulder up.Say:"I could make grounds to all do.Now.The only a matter that can make ground.Only pray.I believe that the leaf is for autumn.Believing him will for the sake of I diligent.He is before hesitant.Reason falsely because of caring my ground?"
Raise head to looking at Chen Mo thickly a face.In earnest ask a way:"Mo thick elder sister.Do I say so that your meeting can't get angry?"
Chen Mo Nong shakes.Say:"Can't.My really hoping to see you is happy."
"It isn't you."Tang Guo thickly puts Chen Mo to he or she ground left hand center of palm.Then cover with the left hand again.Say:"It is us.We all have to be happy.
To leaf autumn to say.Doing this kind of surgical operation was no longer a first time.Give the old man son the dozen to start a ground of number of times to count an extremely number more.
He ground the knife method is consummate.Incising wound ground is clean and neat for time.Acting is like easy style of writing.Be responsible for after death beating to start ground two little nurses to unexpectedly see 1 ground being getting more foolish at him.Have never seen do surgical operation to have so the pleasant impression ground the doctor.Until the leaf autumn shouted a quite a few voice.Remind they want forceps.They just full face red glow at sunset ground the reaction come over.
Leaf's spare time beside sees ground secretly nod.Although the facial expression is still apathetic.Can in the mind but is for this pupil feel proudly.
Current noodles ground some works all finished doing.When leaf autumn ground the surgical operation knife want to touch to run into that nerve.Leaf autumn ground action beginning hesitant and dilatoriness.
He is still fearing.
Leaf idly eyebrows Ning get up.Have been looking on coldly in the behind.
If he ability he spend this heart knot.Oneself also need not make a noise.
If he acrosses however go to ground words.Willing pull him in good time is a .Otherwise.He the ground nearby have so much beauty to know already.Is afraid the big industry end become.But drive woman mistake.
Leaf autumn ground the hand slowly can't keep on slicing.The oneself's ground self-confident heart also quickly elapses in this hesitant ground of deadlock.
It is one eye to turn head to see old headman.See he the positive look in the eyes brightly shiningly stare at he.It is sorry that the ¨ hopes and still has been already waited for and expects a wing.
Can he really not dares to take Tang Bu Yi this time ground human life to do an experiment.Crustily the skin of head says:"I have no confidence to this surgical operation.Want to be not you to come to try?"
Leaf's spare time has never made moves meaning.Even open have never opened to lie on the surgical operation on the stage ground Tang Bu Yi's one eye.Looking at a leaf to say for autumn:"You know homicidal and save a person to have what differentiation?"

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