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"Fruit fruit.Can't?They are just friends."Chen Mo Nong pulls Tang Guo Di's hand and says.
"Friend?Which there is so peculiar friend?You didn't see a leaf for autumn of look in the eyes-----He while looking at that manning, eyes color Mi Mi of, malicious get not make the somebody else picking the light clothes to ground.Don't go, for the sake of Mo thick elder sister the ground is happy to think.I am still going to ask understand."
Tang Guo is since the bed sprang up.Drew slippers to run to go out.
Chen Mo Nong helplessly shook to shake head, and then picked up the book of bedside to keep on seeing.
The autumn of the leaf in anger looking at small white and says:"Why would not like to sleep in the room?I make people get ready room for you.Sleep very comfortablely on the car?"
Shaking head of small white adherence, stretches hand to tee off a string of gallantly signal, explain to the leaf autumn he would not like to at what home took a rest at first
The autumn of the leaf understood her meaning.The bitterness says with a smile:"Calculate, with you.Wait until since Su Hang returned to, you have to develop the habit of rest in the room.Go to bed on the car, not good to the person's health condition."
The small white nods to promise, with leaf autumn after beating a signal mean to leave.
The autumn of the leaf walked over to hug his shoulder.Send him to room doorway in person.The door of room from in open.Then Tang Guo looking at a leaf for autumn and the intimate posture of small white is stunned.
Indeed as expected right.
Oneself indeed as expected didn't see wrong.
They really have a problem.
"You how can here?"The autumn of the leaf is interrogative that the ground looking at Tang Guo and asks a way.See the pajama that she is dressed in Chen Mo Nong, front the Jin is a bit relaxed.Peep out one from the collar pure white come out of time, the self-confident heart of leaf autumn in the mind some ego inflation.
Own gold needle effort indeed as expected get, even if the other party is a peace princess, can also come back from the brink of death on own hand, change of very rough sea.
Tang Guo just thinking get mad and suddenly get a brainwave.Say with a smile:"Nothing important.I am a son matter to a little bit want to seek you to have a chat."
The autumn of the leaf is loose to open small white ground shoulder, signal hint her to leave first.Then say to Tang Guo:"Have what matter to come in to say
He can't want to kill people to kill?
Should can't.Anyway the Mo thick elder sister's room beside, if circumstance incorrect words, oneself greatly cry "help!" like
"Uncle Tang's business you don't want to worry.Now that the old headman would like to make moves, will definitely have confidence.Otherwise, he can't easily try, either."Ye Qiu thinks that she is to worry Tang Bu Yi tomorrow is the circumstance of surgical operation, gentle and softly comforter.
Peep out impassioned facial expression on Tang Guo Lian, small face Xuan however desire Qi ground say:.The dad ground lay so long time on the bed.There is no some consciousness.If can cure.I again a close relatives came back.The all these is all what you bring for me.I don't know how recompense you just good."
Leaf autumn the vigilance ground looking at Tang Guo and feel this wench to have some not in the right son tonight.
Even if her in the mind appreciates a person again, also will hide in mind.Be like now a like this so obvious performance on the face, prove that there is ghost in her heart.
Does she want to do what?
The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"Need not polite.Uncle Tang can recover from illness, is us jointly wish."
"Can I still appreciate you very much."Tang Guo is slightly forward two, depend head the autumn bosom is at the leaf and say:"The autumn of the leaf, I feel you is in the world had better best ground of man.Can bring people a sense of security."
The autumn of the leaf feels chicken skin the pimple drop 1 ground, even if he bears with ability super strong, also had some to can not stand this time, in earnest looking at Tang Guo, say:"Do you exactly want to ask what?"
"Do not ask what.The somebody else just thinks------"
"Say quickly."
"Really have no."
"Went, don't pack.Thus the ground talks a way isn't suitable for you.Say, do you exactly want to do what?"The leaf's autumn body retreated an one step and kept a with Tang Guo safe distance.

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