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Is handsome and talented such as demon ground bore.It is high outstanding to get shape.Mark sex to get black western dress.Don't dye dust to get white gloves.Bearer drive leaf the autumn arrange Su Hang to protect Chen Mo Nong to get small white.
Small white body a short.Then drilled into a copilot room inside.
It was small white to get a nose to smell smell.There is one that get fed up with a person to get flavor.
The autumn of the leaf frighteneds.Last time he drive Sung Yu book is on the car to do.The after the event forgets to clean up in car get smell.It was discovered flaw by Sung parable.Now then sky he forgot this matter again.With small white get a nose.Affirming can smell that different to usually get flavor.
Only wish.He doesn't know what flavor this is.
The autumn of the leaf hurriedly grasped a bottle of perfume in the car head.Sprayed to spray in the car.Say:"Just borrowed to ground car."
He doesn't want to tell a lie to the small white.Have to use this kind of unclear must explain to get by under false pretenses.
The small white point nods.Double the eye is earnest but awkward and shily looking at leaf for autumn.
"Is tired?Why don't go to a rest in the car meeting son?"The autumn of the leaf says.
The small white shook to shake head.Used to wear white gloves successful to beat a chain of beautiful successfuls power.
"BE?Does someone arrive of family to keep watch on?To.The Mo is thick don't go out with Tang Guo?"
The small white list hand put to put.Do to appear and disappear successful power.
"H'm.Don't cause undesired agitation good.Let them jump out.I there adjusted a group of persons to come over from Su Hang.Will make them incubate at on all sides.You also take a rest more rest as far as possible.Have what matter to get words.I will notify in time you get."The autumn of the leaf looking at small white ground face.Say.
The small white shook to shake head.Tee off a few signals again.This signal again disease again quick.The ordinary people basically can not see clearly it to exercise track..
"It is all right.With you.However must notice body.I feel to get.Su Hang is probably not that quiet recently.
I will Long Feng in the person also to adjust to come over to help you."The leaf autumn voice deep and lowly says:"The old headman is coming."
Is small white face up present a panic to fear and get facial expression.The body unexpectedly shivers in the Sou Sou.
The autumn of the leaf saw a burst of heartache.The soft voice says:"Don't worry.He can't to how do you get.If you would not like to see him.That disappears."
The autumn of the leaf opens Sung parable to get a car back.Necessarily will arouse Tang Guo and Chen Mo Nong to get question.The were it not for tonight Sung parable must cry about.Previously do a style according to the leaf autumn.Probably will at random seek to a person she get the car opened over to return.
But now leaf autumn the center of earth territory variety happened.He knows.If oneself does so words.BE hurt other people's ground.
It is alas.A blessing still a disaster while doing not know this kind of change.
The autumn of the leaf sighs 1.After the doorway pressed to press the car trumpet.Wait until a maid to open front door.He opened into car Chen Jia Da Dun's hospital.
Stop a car bottom.Have never seen Tang Guo and Chen Mo Nong to get shadow.
See to them all sleep.It is secretly pleased in the heart.
The Nie hand Nie feet ground returns to oneself to get room.Just pushed away a door.The room gets a light'Pa'ground one opened.Chen Mo Nong and Tang Guo Shuang's double sit at him get bed up.
Originally they all ran to come to here.Leaf the autumn mood is depressed.
"Go to which?"Tang Guo is dressed in a pajama.The legs are ex- to stretch.Peep out one clean get calf.Body backward Yang.Two hands support a big bed backward.The initiative launched this to interrogate starting point.
"Great king.And shell gram loose Han You traverse them to drink.Unexpectedly met with to connect spirited.He gets person to cause disturbance in the great king.Contused many great kings to get public security.I taught them some kind of..The Mo is thick.Great king's getting a general manager Sung is Sung house to the bosom person?He also got hurt.Do you want to make a telephone call to send greetings for a while?See the ground coming out.The his ground work ability is still quite good."
"H'm.He is Sung house to get a person.I have already made a phone call to send greetings in the past."Chen Mo Nong nods to say.
Tang Guo Ji.Say:"Mo thick elder sister.You don't drive leaf autumn this is deceitful to get guy to cheat.The another cause idea transfers a topic.Don't want to answer we get a question."
"I not is answer?I am in the great king."The leaf autumn affectation in an absent sort of way says."It is some to trap.I take a bath."
"I am to say to come out behind you from the great king dry what go to."

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