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I will make the gastronome have the pleasant sensation to grow an explosion, that kind of is produced by the food, stream into cerebral intense emotion from the taste, and he is all unforgettable during a lifetime."
A taste of burned food spreads at this time, the fatty kitchen bellows 1:"Is not good!My purple Tuo!"Urgently and urgently rush a cooking stove set side, uncover the cover of tile pot, sees a slow fire still be slowly braising.A D orders matters all have no, the light flavor was overflowed, along with surface of ebullition, camel hump 1.1:00 exudation slippery slippery very bright ointment.
He looks around one place of key sticking point of encounter, discovering right away on all sides, the vehemence is roaring to walk to moreover a cooking stove set, and the Chuo wears the cook's nose being responsible for to scold a way:'Yang Feng!Stir-fry inside ridge also can't, really not know how the owner recommends you of.Still say before what hotel was special grade chef!I see you are a large intestine!"End again sarcasm way:'It is said that you declared in the new Yuan hotel in those early years"angel the one who hunt to kill", is on waiting one trump card cook, make it all alone real jam, snared those Ms. madam's stomaches all.Hey Hey, start to stir-fry vegetables to indeed as expected be like cutthroat general, resolute!Is malicious!A shot necessarily kills!
A Duo leads that Shao and changed clean pot of, way, "go, seeing me is how to stir-fry vegetables."The small leads in front of outsider once ugly, pull to return to face heart.
Piao Piao Liao learn a soldier, loudly order:" Go to the inside ridge of good Jin film and take to come up!"He stands kitchen set before, the anti- Zhuo is difficult to see of the body form suddenly explodes strong self-confidence and seem the front stand a head of gold Ultrasaurus, but he is the warrior that chooses after king, clear for action.
Iron Shao leads like of Xuan iron heavy sword, grasp in hand, really have the vehemence that the Mecca Yuan stops Yue Zhi, light fire to burn red iron pot, way 1:"Oil!"Big big hand emasculation the disease is quick, take a Shao oil to sprinkle into a pot can be"pick"ed word with this to describe, his hand really is too quick, haven't sunk wrist, the Shan rows an a curve and without telling anyone flies into a pot inside, in the center don't fall half drop, didn't also splash out.
"Inside ridge"!The fatty kitchen drinks a way.Other people if pour vegetables to enter a pot, still have to take all alone prosperous put alimental tool, row to pull with the ladle all alone, but he is just ladle on hanging up, action easy style of writing, once the elbow stretch a to shrink, and then is a half disc hang up Qian lead of the fillet fly into only have 30% heat of have no pot inside.
The such action really calls up absentmindedly to go into to turn, surprised world Qi ghost absolute being.
"Onions!What about"the fatty kitchen again and suddenly and violently drinks a , " onions?"
"Angel the one who hunts to kill" Yang Feng hurriedly moves to him to the onions.The fatty kitchen sees degree of heating will old, don't dare the gist, is a same action again, once the ladle hang up, the very hot iron Shao at the right moment knocks on the Yang Feng's the back of the hand, and he bellows 1 and connects to pack the porcelain dish of putting the city area to toghter drop into a pot.Immediately numerous hot oils as blooming, dispersed splash, the fatty kitchen chases head face, urgently back a several, unfortunately carry together "is very smooth and slippery inside ridge" to ruin so.
The fatty kitchen disgraces and angers and hands over and adds and really wants and claps Yang Feng with the ladle dead.Returning to body to think to learn a soldier to explain to Liao is some kind of, after death empty none person, can not help surprised ask:"Yi, just the big kitchen of that upstairs?"
Yang Feng Ma doesn't get him to transfer a topic and calls a way:"Seem to go to the stool, I seek them."Hand and foot neatly flees to go out an outside to seek refuge go to.
Elevator inside, Liao who observe circumstances to take profit by special situation absquatulate learns a soldier to take a to protect deep-fried the crispy tasty hand tore a chicken, Yan nine hand inside is one Luo spring onion fragrant muttony round flat cake, 2 people eat with relish and is full of praise, the food remnant is from the mouth in fly, splash all over the floor.
The young lady of elevator is wrinkly eyebrows don't live to avoid being seen.Press temperament to ask:"Sir inquire about several buildings, please?"
"The 89th floor."Liao learns a soldier to give up to mix to not and purely say.The 90th floors above each elevator export will have a guard to be on guard, have to the Sui Meng orchid basin the formal invitation of the meeting, go to the 89th floor more suitable,

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