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Old Liao heart way:"Her bottom with small and blue fall to compare, each has his merits, make odds even."Slowly and longly closed a hand electricity, cough one- track:"Is ashamed, I still think that you ran into the son of widow."
The Mu permits ice rain whole body one machine Lou and immediately after upsurges a limitless fury, each word that feels that Liao learns a soldier does with malice and flusters to pull good pants, Rang way:"Still walk not and quickly!You this mean Pei son!I see the story that you just spoke basically with malicious intent!Abnormal condition!"
She rushes once to jump up a seat way in car in quick time:"I didn't want to see you any further!You early know that you aren't a good person!"The anti- lock handles affairs an efficiency and learns Liao soldier to close in the outside.
Old Liao can really suppress to don't already bend, once the car door pull not to open, Be getting more hasty:"Feed, the dark night is so endless, do you want to make me die in the outside?"
"Go away, leave me to far order!"The Mu permits ice rain to press head on the steer device, the in the mind doesn't know a what injustice.
"I just just thought your in danger, who will intentionally see you urinate, you think your bottoms how good-looking?"Liao learns the soldier's explanation to suppress feet very much, Mu's permitting ice rain is also a heavy fury Chi and used Anne to press the trumpet:"Don't come again to harass me!I warn you to approach my car again, I Don't mention it."
Old Liao from sigh unlucky, be shot first, immediately after be again thrown in the wilderness again, the Liang is outside the car.He squats down down a stuffy head stuffy brain, suddenly the distance appears clearly and only, old Liao surprised way:"Is oh my!!The son of widow came!"
The Mu permits ice rain heart way:"Arriving to still mutually frighten a person this time is really hopeless."
Being small a little bit bright to more go is more near, a miniature bread car, Liao learns a soldier to quickly beckon with the hand to call to stop, dynasty passenger on conjecturing, originally and unexpectedly is an acquaintance, before at green jade wave the lake was a few fishermans who saved a student.
The driver stretches out head to call a way:"Brothers, see pretty decree by destiny with you, the car broke down?I know that kind of the car outward appearance is only fresh, in fact and not too through use, by coincidence today make the town snare the fish in night, need to be helped?"
Some fishes is the nighttime food snares, truely go fishing fanciers to all like to put to snare in the evening.
Liao learns a soldier to order and answered his cigar and knocks to ring a Porche car to wear:"Feed, you return Leng why and come out quickly."
The Mu permits ice rain just on the spirit head, the reason also ignores, jar voice jar spirit of say:"Do not fight me, you want to go where go to which, have nothing to do with me."
That fisherman asks:"How?Is there antinomy?"
"Is alas!"Liao learned a soldier to heavily sigh one ambition and pointed inside a car:"My house's old woman Niang, the inattention fixs a car and cultivates mental poise at ordinary times, an arrive turning point car Be getting worse, arrive me to the car whole Sases in the head."
Although across glass, their dialogue mus permit ice rain but listen to clear pole, Nu way:"Who is your house ……really shameless!"
A few fishermans all peep out the air of comprehension and say with smile:"Just got married in a little while of?All of women is so, must coax, wait day to be getting longer, she will understand your good the bitterness work hard."
That bread car driver but make an effort one way of steer device in a great rage of clapping:"You this doesn't go and take care of a wife will be like to lead troops a dozen of Fus similar execution troops' control, which ability from wear she make small temperament!Incredibly lock you outside the car, if be not by coincidence run into us, don't be subjected to a jelly in the outside!His Niang of, if my wife, the direct slap takes out dead to settle a dispute!"
"You don't want to blather!"The Mu permitted ice rain to grieve quickly.
The driver surges of great fury more and jumps down car Le to open sleeves, loudly way:"***, Brothers, know your temperament is weak, the tube doesn't live a wife, I tidy up for you, preservation hereafter take a to you."Saying will hit a window, Liao learns a soldier to hurriedly pull him:"Eldest brother, the strategic area moves, in fact in her belly have my kid, the temperament becomes to have a little peculiar just thus of, so in order to wear to think for kid, I also everywhere let her."
The Mu permits ice rain spirit keep desire dizzy go, but full belly abusive language but a word all can not say it.
Liao learns soldier's way:"Feed, smelly old woman Niang, they make the town go, you descend don't come down to take with the wind car?Seek a hotel to stay overnight, tomorrow return again medium sea."

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