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the car that see continuously green smoke and burned black destroy body, surrounding two meters to the utmost burn into one utter darkness, the tar flavor Qiang person's nose carries.
The Mu of facial expression deadly pale permits ice rain to come over here to ask a way in quick time:"You are all right?I just saw a car open to come over to stop at outside, immediately after that person shook to drive a window to raise a gun to aim at you ……luckily he didn't shoot in ……"she hasn't seen this kind of condition, frightens not and lightly and has some to talk incoherently.
"You drive car to come over, we leave here first."
That chest is pressed the salesclerk of cigarette butted to block them to call a way:"Ms. Xian Sheng please wait for a second, the police is about to rush through to come right away."
"Get away, have never seen me to get hurt?I don't rush through a hospital again mortal."Liao learns soldier Wu wound, all ofs sprinkle a Li blood.
He crowded one who open to round a view, simultaneously scold a way:"Is not your dad and your Niang to be street streaking again, have what good-looking."Have one person's back talk for defying spirit:"Does Lao Tze see the dog fighting!You are noisy what shout!"Equally lining up is many but, saw that persons all in autumn return to wear a weak blouse, the skin was dark, muscle Gao Gao summons up, a see be that looks for to stir up a matter power.
"I still occupy, lazy must contend for with you."Old Liao says.
That person but way old Liao feared, immediately in power not Rao person, a hold tight the shoulders that Liao learns a soldier to call way:"Called names and then want to walk?See big Ye teach you well!"
The words sound just fell, the bridge then got a layer after layer one punch, again hemp and then pain, 180 much many bodies fell off into a person heap inside, connect took to pour a quite a few individual, arose one to scold a Niang voice.
Liao learns a soldier and drills into Mu and permits the car of ice rain in quick time in say:"The here should not stay a long while and leave here first to intend again."
"Teacher Liao, you must be mix a mafia of?Just does that cutthroat want to take your life."Still just the Mu in the concussion permit ice rain to have no a direction and arrived car for a cent not the wild countryside open country of southeast northwest stop bottom.
Is quiet on all sides, black must hope not to arrive a limit, often have breeze sweep take leaf of brush a voice, the interjection of the night owlet of politician.This is from the purple Jing flower road have been driving in the end, then get into to hope Cha road, go forward the far suburban area of one more close by crematory of more than ten kilometers.
"I have never given offense to who …… is Mo always Tai, does he nurse regret in the heart to incredibly look for person to make reprisals, too bad."Old Liao angries in want and seek a telephone to Mo Lao Wu, jump down a car to avert from Mu to permit ice rain, more walk more far, turn and read an and want and feel is not likely to be Mo always Tai, should seek Mu to permit ice rain to ask to know the then circumstance, the quick temper slowly eliminated and took the original road return, but sees all lights of cars all bright, the Mu permits ice rain at loudly shout:"Mr. Liao ……Liao learn a soldier ……where are you ?"
"How?Might it not be met bad people to rob in the dark night?"Liao learns a soldier to quickly rush through to pass by:"The Mu permits ice rain, what matter?"
The Mu permits ice rain to look confused and agitated, embracing the hands are very helpless, see he come to just a little bit pipe down, light way:"The nothing important sees you walking too far, afraid that you are walked by the hungry wolf Diao, shout 1."
Liao's learning a soldier to see her clearly is frightened because of but, but die duck mouth is hard, say with smile:"Return to, isn't a good place here, can say that you just saw a window an outside all of a sudden of what circumstance?"
The Mu permits ice rain to still keep hearing him thus and politely talk for the first time, hence recalled the then situation to say:"That is speeding of a black, I didn't see license plate.Soon drive to come over then stop from the distance bottom, immediately after the copilot shook a window, a men raised a gun, that man is bald-headed, the bridge is very high, eyes are thin long, eyes are very black, H'm, I remember so many, very short apart from time that he opens fire, to, he seems to be still to wear black gloves, then I call Kan, gun ring."
"Thank you, ice Ms. Yu, if isn't that you remind me this, perhaps I have to be foolish be heaven teaching."
"Ha ha, you don't owe me what, even if offsetted the business in last time."

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