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Transparent paper is smooth, high in transparency, soft to the touch, and has good gloss. The transparent paper of fake cigarettes feels rough and has poor transparency. The pull strip of real smoke is translucent, and it is relatively neat after being pulled out, and the pull head is semicircular Marlboro Gold. The pull strip of the fake cigarette is transparent, rough in workmanship, inconvenient to pull, and the pull head is irregular or there is no pull head. The smoke stamp is uneven, with different shades, but it looks clearer. The stamp of the fake cigarette is relatively shallow, and each number is the same in depth, which looks very fuzzy. The cut tobacco of real smoke is generally yellowish brown, and the cut tobacco of real smoke is puffed and has the same width. There are many shredded tobacco stems of fake cigarettes, and some dark brown shredded tobacco, which contains a lot of dust Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the shredded tobacco of fake cigarettes has poor combustibility, and it is often burned out. First of all, we can see the difference between the two in appearance. It is a kind of light red, slightly whiter, and looks very solemn and noble. There is also a difference in taste between the two. It is not because the taste is similar, but it is more smooth, smooth, and refreshing. Just follow the good pumping. In the data, the difference in carbon monoxide content between the two is only 1mg, and there is no difference in the others. The price of Xiaosu cigarettes is a pack. It is more than twice as expensive, and many people say that it is more expensive than tobacco. Only by careful taste can you find the difference between the two. It is more suitable for the masses. The inexpensive price has the taste of high-end cigarettes Marlboro Red, which is still very good.
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