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The price of Newport pop pearl smoke is close to the people. The taste is unique and is loved by smokers. Introducing an Oris menthol double-burst cigarette Newport Cigarettes Coupons, how does this Newport mint double-burst taste?, This cigarette has a total of two popped beads Cigarettes Online. The blue beads have the flavor of ice mint. After being crushed, the taste is slightly cool and cool. The green beads are spearmint. The spearmint flavor is added with ice mint. The cool taste, large beads, double taste, mixed experience, moderate cooling without choking, brings a refreshing feeling to the mouth and throat, and the price is very high. Friends who like mint-flavored beads can try it. The taste is relatively strong, and it is not dry and does not leave a bad feeling in the mouth. It is not irritating to feel it in the throat after taking a big mouth. It is relatively rare to inhale and feel milder, leaving a cool feeling in the mouth, but if you inhale, you will still feel irritation in the throat. Obvious but can feel. But I still have to say that the cartridges are made very carefully, from the paper inside the cartridge to the cartridge holders are very beautiful Newport Cigarettes.
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