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I am a member of the happy family of four (3) classes. In the class, I served as a propaganda committee member, a representative of the language class, and a team leader. I study hard, improve every day, and do my best to do the work of the class cadres. I will rest, learn by myself, and be healthy. I should sleep no less than 9 hours a day to develop good work and rest habits. Have a strong sense of self-management, so as to arrange the time scientifically, reasonably and effectively. I study actively and proactively, according to my actual needs Cigarettes Online, I reasonably formulate a study plan, and combine review and preview, and combine in-class learning with extra-curricular knowledge development. That is to insist on pre-classification and review after class; listen to the lecture intently in class, actively answer the teacher's questions, make full use of class time to understand and master the knowledge; after the class, seriously and actively complete the teacher's homework. Actively participate in physical exercise and insist on exercising for an hour every day. I have a wide range of interests and hobbies, like reading books, drawing, dancing, writing brush characters, etc. Through studying, I learned a lot of knowledge. I actively participated in various activities in the school class, and constantly trained my ability and achieved certain results in the activities. I have been rated as the school's "three good students" many times; won the advanced individual self-study in the "three clubs" activities during the winter vacation; once was rated as "school reading star"; twice won the school's "single art award"; He won the third prize in the school style competition; won the title of "Young Calligraphy and Painting Lovers" in the 2009-2010 school orientation painting and calligraphy activities; won the third prize in the school pen and soft pen competition in this year's calligraphy and painting competition. My work won the second prize in the composition competition of the School Reading Festival; the composition "Autumn is here" won the second prize in the preliminary competition of the third "Wen Xin Diao Long Cup" National New Curriculum Writing Talent Competition; in 2011 The 5th elementary school student "Su Bao? Dandelion" in Suzhou won the second prize of plain text in the spot competition. Won the third prize in the mathematics problem-solving ability competition twice; "Mathematics Diary-24 Hours of Clever Calculation" won the second grade in the 2009 Excellent Mathematics General Papers Competition organized by the editorial department of the "Journal of Primary School Mathematics" Second prize in the group mokingusacigarettes.com. I won the third prize in the grade group in the "School Energy Conservation Tabloid" competition; I won the first prize in the science and technology production competition. I also actively participated in off-campus activities, and was twice rated as "Excellent Student" by the Fine Arts Class and "Excellent Student" by the Small Master News School. I passed the sixth level of the electronic organ; passed the fifth level of the brush character; I won the gold medal in the Latin dance test and won the first prize in the first Latin dance open competition in Suzhou; As always, we will use the "Three Meetings" standard to strictly demand ourselves Carton Of Cigarettes, and drive the students around us to make progress together, and strive to be a fully developed qualified socialist successor!

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