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During the holiday, I participated in the activities of our team's young eagle holiday team with several partners mokingusacigarettes.com. The theme of this event is "Red scarf to accompany you to travel warmly". The location is at Getang Bus Terminal. Our main tasks are cleaning and serving passengers. Nine people including Miao Zihui, Lin Junyou, and Miao Zihui were the general managers. After gathering at the passenger terminal, first the secretary of the passenger terminal explained the history of the passenger terminal and their daily work for us Cigarettes For Sale. The passenger transportation industry is a service industry, serving passengers and satisfying passengers is their purpose. We divided into four teams and started the half-day activity. My teammate Wu Chengqian, Xu Xi, Qin Yuting and I were the team leader. Our first task was to help the passenger station clean. We first went outside the hall to clean the floor. For a lot of cigarette butts and tissues, I grabbed the handle of the broom in my right hand and swept the lower part of my left hand to start sweeping hard. Everyone worked together to work hard, and after a while, we were almost swept outside. So we went to the station to clean again, there were more cigarette butts in it, we united and worked hard together, and soon we finished. Next, each team was scattered to do the work of their respective team. The second task of our team was to hand over a glass of water for everyone who needed to drink water Online Cigarettes. I let Xu Xi pour the water, because of his strength, he Pour good water and give me the cup. I walked beside the grandpa and grandma carrying the water. My first goal was a white-haired grandma. I came to the grandma with water and said, "Hello grandma , We are small volunteers, we send you a glass of water, the water is a little hot, you blow it, and drink your grandma! "The grandma took the pleasure and thanked her. We just delivered water one by one until everyone in the waiting room drank the water. Our third task was to help passengers pass through the security check. Put the bag on the security check. This job is actually very tiring to look at. It needs to stand and talk all the time. Lin Junyou ��s work is very quick. He even ran out of the lobby to find tourists with big bags or suitcases. He helped them mention the security check. You see he was carrying a lot of big bags and small bags in his hand, and he still had a back on his shoulder. When I arrived at the security check, I put all the bags on the security machine, and then ran to the end of the security machine to get the bag, and then looked back for the passenger. The passenger just entered the gate and was checking the ticket. His enthusiasm infected us. We joined the army to help passengers. He even competed with other students. He was busy with a short half-day experience. The time passed quickly. We learned about the station at the event The work flow of the station, the work of the uncle and aunt of the station is not easy, we should cherish the convenience brought by the service staff. The leader of the station was also moved by our passion and praised our righteous act. Many passengers in the station expressed their gratitude to us, and we were very happy in our hearts.
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