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Iteration 1: The Employment Process at Sriven Technologies
The iteration of the employment process at Sriven Technologies Cheap Real Madrid Shirts , Inc will involve the inquiry process to find how this company conducts the employment process particularly regarding the employment of web-based applications developers. The process of accomplishing this iteration will have involvement of the company human resource personnel from the company although I will also leverage the Web to find more information on the same. The iteration is planned to take two weeks whereby the working hours will be from 8 am to 5 pm, the normal office hours.
I planned to draw the objectives for this iteration before commencing anything in light of the duties that lay ahead of me concerning web-based applications programming. My objectives learning about the employment process, what is required in the process, who are involved, and what I would do so as to meet all the requirements for me to become qualified for the same. The human resource would help me understand how to make an application for employment into the company, what are the qualifications they look for and where the company advertises their employment opportunities. I planned to know if the company makes advertisements via word of mouth Cheap Real Madrid Jerseys , on the newspapers of they do on the Web. That was because companies have different platforms on which they make their advertisements and each of them follows a unique process of finding and recruiting new employees.
I would also try to understand from the human resource personnel what experience is required for the web-base application programmers and how the company measures that experience. I would also understand if the company recruits fresh graduates and what they would expect of them. The other thing that I planned to ask the human resource personnel to address is the people that are responsible for recruiting the various types of employees. That is because there are many areas of professionalism including IT, human resource, finance, research, and innovation, etc. Toni Kroos Jersey , and there should be specific managers that should be responsible for employing people in a given area. Other companies do just leave the work or recruiting entirely to the human resource manager (Monroe, H. Personal Communications, February 05, 2016). That would be problematic especially when a company has only a single human resource manager who obviously does not have competence in all the areas of professionalism.
I met with the human resource manager on the day when I was to commence my internship in the Sriven Technologies, Inc. The human resource manager, first of all Theo Hernandez Jersey , introduced me to the human resource personnel of the company so as to help me prepare adequately for the task that lied ahead of me, understanding the recruitment process. He helped me to understand the types of human resource personnel that the company had including the operational human resource manager, the transformational human resource manager, and the relational human resource manager. He also explained to me their roles, whereby the operational HR is responsible for the administrative tasks, the relational HR was for supporting the business processes Sergio Ramos Jersey , and the transformational HR was concerned with the strategic HR tasks like knowledge management (Delbridge & Keenoy, 2010). I also came to understand that the task of the human resource management sector is the one that handles the issues related to people like compensation, recruitment, organizational development, benefits, performance management Ruben Yanez Jersey , communication, training, administration, safety, employee motivation and wellness of the employees.
The human resource personnel collaborated in helping me understand the employment process in the organization and who were involved in accomplishing this employment process. The ones responsible are the three of them, that is Raphael Varane Jersey , the operational, the relational and the transformational human resource managers. The process of getting a job in the company involved making an application for the position advertised, attending an interview session, and then receiving employment depending on the score of the interview session. During the interview process, the company involves the staff that has training in the given area where an interview is seeking employment (Johnson, K. Personal Communications Pepe Jersey , February 12, 2016).

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