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Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that can be used as a sugar substitute. The compound can be used in candies Wholesale Bismack Biyombo Jersey , chewing gum and toothpaste so as to minimize the occurrence of dental caries in school going children. The prevalence of dental caries is evidence that some sugars that the public is consuming remain high thus leading to the erosion of teeth. The proposal below aims to test the effectiveness of Xylitol as an alternative to sugar and its effectiveness in preventing dental decay. The study will focus on school-going children who are expected to be the participants of the study. The study aims to shed light on the use of controlled portions of Xylitol for the prevention of dental caries.
The rise of dental caries among children has heightened interest in finding alternative ways of managing and preventing the condition. The use of fluoride toothpaste has been thought to be effective, but the rising statistics of dental carries presents a different picture. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has suggested the use of Xylitol as an alternative way of preventing dental caries in children. Xylitol is a naturally occurring alcohol that can be added to chewing gums or oral care products to prevent tooth decays. Xylitol is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a natural sweetener. It has been considered as an alternative to artificial sugars that is a lead cause of dental decay and cavities.
Medical and dental professionals have considered the benefits of replacing artificial sugar with nonsugar sweeteners such as Xylitol. Xylitol reduces the levels of Mutans Streptococci (MS) in plaque and saliva by disrupting their energy production processes, resulting in unsuccessful energy cycle and cell death. Xylitol minimizes the adhesion of microorganism to the teeth surface. Xylitol also increases the production and flow of saliva thus its use in chewing gums. Manufacturers of chewing gums have introduced Xylitol as a substitute to sucrose. Other than reducing the amount of calorie consumption Wholesale James Johnson Jersey , chewing gums with Xylitol enhances dental care as Xylitol does not break down. The failure to metabolize means that Xylitol cannot form acids that cause dental decay. The US Preventive services task force acknowledges that dental caries is a common and chronic disease that affects school-age children. Risk factors such as demographic risk, person and family oral health, dietary habits and fluoride exposure contribute to the prevalence of dental caries among children.
The aim of the study is to determine the effectiveness of Xylitol in the prevention of dental caries in children
1. Xylitol is effective in reducing the incidence of dental caries in school-age children
2. Xylitol is not effective in reducing the incidence of dental caries in school-age children
Nayak Wholesale Patrick Patterson Jersey , & Khandelwal (2014) acknowledges that dental caries the most chronic diseases that affect mankind. Xylitol is a form of five-carbon sugar polypol that occurs. Xylitol has been approved in over 35 countries and is thus added to foods, pharmaceuticals, and Wholesale PJ Tucker Jersey , in chewing gums, toothpaste, and syrups. Xylitol has been found to have oral benefits as it increases the flow of saliva and also reduces the number of cariogenic and periodontal bacterial. Xylitol is also effective in minimizing the occurrence of gingival inflammation and erosion of the teeth. Although Xylitol has been approved for use in many products; there is need for caution with its quantity. The bodily exposure to Xylitol should be minimal so as to minimize the threat of diarrhea. The excessive consumption of Xylitol can lead to osmotic diarrhea thus the need to regulate. On a daily basis Wholesale KJ McDaniels Jersey , the individual requires approximately 5-6gs, for optimal inhibition.
The effectiveness of Xylitol has been tested in dental products such as toothpaste to determine its effectiveness. Chi, Tut Wholesale Lucas Nogueira Jersey , & Milgrom (2014) conducted a clustered randomized efficacy trial to determine the efficacy of the use of Xylitol toothpaste to prevent childhood carries. The study involved two groups of participants where one group used the standard fluoride toothpaste while the other group of participants used toothpaste with Xylitol. The study revealed that brushing of teeth with toothpaste with Xylitol has no more efficacy in reducing dental caries compared to fluoride only toothpaste. Additionally, the study found that the addition of Xylitol to fluoride toothpaste does not have any health benefits to children with a high risk of caries. The effectiveness of Xylitol is felt when the amount of Xylitol is abundant. Unfortunately, children require a small amount of toothpaste that does not meet the 8g Xylitol dose per day.
Indushekar Wholesale Delon Wright Jersey , Kumat, & Sogi, (2013) found that Xylitol is effective in preventing tooth decay dental carries. According to Indushekar & Sogi (2013) Wholesale Pascal Siakam Jersey , dental caries is a multifactorial disease caused mainly by diet. An increase in the consumption of sugar is the dominant factor that relates to the occurrence of caries.

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