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The disorders associated with Autism is broadly characterized as Verbal autism and Non-verbal autism. Verbal impairment is a significant obstacle in the developmental stages of a child. Parents and Therapists of Autistic individuals face a demanding task in addressing this difficulty. Nevertheless Corey Davis Titans Jersey , when the right strategies are adopted, the children make promising progress in overcoming the impairment.
鈥?Repetitive behavior
Autistic children often say a set of unrelated words and phrases repetitively that makes less or no meaning. The repetitive phrases include high pitched squealing, mimicking television programor commercials dialogues Marcus Mariota Titans Jersey , robot-like speech style. They also tend to make irrelevant statements in the middle of a conversation. For example, saying 鈥?This is my mom鈥?to his own family.
鈥?Limited interests with rare and unique abilities
While Autistic individuals struggle with basic communication and social interaction, they often exhibit exceptional skills. Their skills could be in the field of music Cheap Amani Hooker Jersey , mathematics, art, memorization. Their interests are limited to a particular ability or skill and they often excel in the same.
鈥?Irregular Development
Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) generally develop an abnormal level of ability when compared to children without ASD. Owing to their exceptional abilities Cheap Nate Davis Jersey , sometimes these children are able to read words at a very young age, but not perceive it. They fail to respond when their names are called out despite having no hearing impairment.
鈥?Treating Language and Speech Issues
Speech therapy is the proven successful treatment model to treat Autistic individuals. On assessing the physical fitness and hearing ability, Speech-language therapists treat these individuals by identifying the best way to deal with communication disruptions and social interaction deficiency. Speech and language skill development is of utmost importance while treating Autism.
鈥?Build a voluntary and functional communication
The priority of Speech therapy is to establish and develop voluntary and functional communication among Autistic individuals. This will ensure that these children are able to convey their basic wants and needs required for their day to day life. The other aim of the Speech therapists is to help these individuals to appropriately respond to questions and limit the use of unrelated Cheap A.J. Brown Jersey , repetitive statements. Furthermore, to help them create own sentence and speak more independently, therapists gradually reduce the use of prompts (fading prompts).
Autistic individuals often appear to be rude and uninterested. Therapists make it a point to teach the child basic etiquettes such as saying 鈥淭hank you鈥? 鈥?Sorry鈥?and 鈥淧lease鈥? This will encourage the child to participate in social interactions.
As the child gradually exhibits signs of improvement in verbal behavior Cheap Jeffery Simmons Jersey , the approach of the speech therapists are channeled towards dealing with other issues that are characteristic of Autistic children. The areas that need further attention are
鈥?Language and sound flaws
鈥?Inability to answer sensibly to questions
鈥?Struggle with decoding the non-verbal language

Parents, educators, and caregivers of the children must participate in engaging in conversation and related activities. Communication and activities should be structured to the interests of the child. Regular and specialized treatment will support the child in overcoming the communication obstacles and encourage them to stir an unprompted social interaction.
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