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Chiefs’ final injury report vs. Steelers The Kansas City Chiefs have released their official injury report headed into their game Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Eric Berry is listed as doubtful for the second week in a row.“I am just going to keep it for you day-to-day and we will just see how it goes Chad Henne Jersey ,” Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said of Berry. “He is trying his tail off. He is doing everything he can to make it right.”Asked if there has been any setback in individual work, Reid said no.“Every day [Berry] is doing a little bit more and a little bit more.”Going by last game’s snap counts, Ron Parker and Eric Murray will get the bulk of the defensive snaps at safety against the Steelers. SteelersQB Ben Roethlisberger (right elbow) - QUESTIONABLECB Joe Haden (hamstring) - DOUBTFULG David DeCastro (hand) - DOUBTFULDE Tyson Alualu (shoulder) - DOUBTFULDT Cameron Heyward (knee) - QUESTIONABLETE Vance McDonald (foot) - QUESTIONABLECB Artie Burns (toe) - QUESTIONABLE The biggest news when it comes to the Steelers is that Roethlisberger had a full practice on Friday after missing the first two practices of the week, so I expect that he will be good to go against the Chiefs.Haden and DeCastro are listed as doubtful after missing the entire week of practice, and I expect they will be out. Haden starts at cornerback and DeCastro starts at right guard, so these are definitely breaks for the Chiefs. It would have been tough enough managing Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce with Haden. His injury makes that task tougher.I expect Heyward, McDonald and Burns to all play despite being listed as questionable. Burns’ toe is a new development that only popped up on Friday.The worst-case scenario for the Steelers would be if they need to play the Chiefs without their top two cornerbacks and starting quarterback. That doesn’t seem likely, but it is something to watch as Sunday approaches. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke to the media during his regular press conference on Monday, following Sunday’s 30-23 victory over the Denver Broncos.Here are some key takeaways:Reid said the firing of Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson — the news of which had just broken — wouldn’t substantially affect his planning for the game against the Browns on Sunday.Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports“I just found that out Kendall Fuller Jersey ,” Reid said. “I hate seeing that happen to a friend. It’s a tough business. If you go through the process — and you’re honest with that every week — then it doesn’t matter what happens on the peripheral part of things. You control what you control, but you have no control over [what happens at the other team] or anything else that happens with any team. We can control the process. We can control how we how we work each day as coaches and players. It’s important that we just put our focus there, and not worry about the other stuff.”Reid was then asked if Jackson’s firing made it harder to prepare for the Browns.“They’re not going to change a whole lot. [They’re] so far into this. [They’ve] got hours invested in this. They didn’t change the offensive and defensive coordinators.”Reid was then told — apparently for the first time — that Browns offensive coordinator Todd Haley had also been fired.“All right. Well, then stick with the process. I’m back to that.”After the laughter died down, he asked, “You set me up on that one, huh?”After some more laughter, Reid got back to it.“The main thing is that we do what we do,” he said. “That’s the most important thing. I don’t think they’re going to change that much — even with that taking place. [They] have so much time invested in where they’re at right now. There might be a wrinkle here or there Eric Murray Jersey , but you can’t turn the whole thing over.”In light of Jackson’s firing — and the lack of continuity in Cleveland — Reid was asked how he approaches hiring decisions. “If you’re in a position that you hire, you try to hire good people, and you let them do their jobs,” he said. “In a leadership position, you try to set up a format of things that you want done within that, but don’t take away someone’s ability to let their personality show. Don’t take that away from them. Let them be who you’ve hired.”Reid said that he and his coaches do the best they can to give opposing teams a different look every week.Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports“We try to give a different look every week,” Reid said. “We bank on what we’ve installed in the OTAs and in camp, so we’re able to draw from that. But we’re always trying to give [opposing teams] a different look, so that when you get here Terrance Smith Jersey , you don’t have to go back and go, ‘Doggone, we’ve run out of things.’”Reid said this also serves to keep his own players engaged with the process.“We keep it pretty fresh, and it keeps the guys fresh every week. It’s a nice little challenge for them. Are you going to change everything? Nobody’s going to do that, but we throw enough things in there for them to have some fun with it.”When told that Broncos defensive players were anxious to talk after the game about the creativity of Reid’s offense, Reid first wanted to compliment them.Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports“I had some of those guys in the Pro Bowl,” Reid said. “Those are good guys, too. They love to play the game. They showed me a little something. They have a pretty good culture going there.”With that out of the way, Reid spoke about how his assistant coaches are influencing the offense.“Eric Bieniemy is doing a phenomenal job Xavier Williams Jersey ,” he continued. “He doesn’t say much, but he’s got a very creative mind, and he also does a nice job with the team -- the offensive side of that. I defer more to him than any of the guys. Andy Heck is another one who gets zero credit — which I think he probably likes — but the run game stuff like these RPOs, he’s really bought in. This is different than what we all came up with, and Andy — as a line coach — had to make some changes there. He loves this stuff. He comes up with some phenomenal ideas.”Other notes from Monday’s press conference:Reid denied even being aware that the Chiefs have now won 19 of their last 20 division games but readily admitted the Chiefs make those games a priority in their planning. ”We spend time in the offseason practicing against AFC West teams, and doing what we can to do some homework on them. So there’s an emphasis there, but you’re only as good as that one game. So we try to stay focused on that.”Reid spoke about his sideline conversation with Tyreek Hill, after Hill had to be separated from Broncos defensive back Tramaine Brock in Sunday’s game. “He was fired up. And he’s not that kind of player. I don’t worry about him. But something happened there. The guy kind of took a shot at him. So it fired him up a little bit. He’s a competitive guy, but he normally keeps it all together Jordan Lucas Jersey , but he wanted to get after him. So I just told him to calm down.”Reid said that with the trade deadline approaching, he wasn’t aware of any trades in the works. ”I haven’t talked to Brett Veach today about any of that, so I don’t know where he is today. Up to today, we didn’t have anything. But you never know with him. He doesn’t miss much.”

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