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In the morning, I saw an article "Success and Success", and the title moved me. Success. So I read very carefully! This article is mainly about the accumulation of success, which is the basis of success. The author selected the three celebrities Wang Dizhi, Li Shizhen, and Sima Qian, and dripping through the stone to illustrate that success is selfish to the lazy and fair to the strugglers. After reading this article, I was lost in thought ... Poet dancer Yang Liping, you can say that she dedicated everything to the original "Peacock Dance" for which she struggled. In order to maintain her figure, she eats very little every day. Good-looking; she watches a lot of dance videos every day, saying that in order to find creative inspiration; in order to dance peacock, she keeps long nails, and wears gloves at night to prevent nails from hurting; she doesn't even think of her mother to dance Now, because experts say that subcutaneous fat can not reach 25%, she ca n��t get pregnant, and she is unwilling to gain weight for pregnancy. In order to dance, she gave up her marriage because the other person wants children ... She devotes all her time to Only with dance can you have the success of your career and the joy of dreams coming true! Persistence will succeed. Wei Shusheng wanted to be a teacher. After thinking about it for many years, his goals were very clear. Working in the factory, he insisted on making 36 reports and applied for two years. The leader finally agreed to transfer him to work in the factory school. He was ecstatic, he was like a fish, he devoted himself to reading books all the time. It's time to get married, he said to the introducer, "As long as the girl lets me read a book." He devotes all his time to teaching methods. He combines exercise and teaching, and runs with students every morning; he creates original compositions. Teaching method, he teaches Chinese, students write composition every day; he teaches composition, he doesn't need to change composition every day; the students he taught, all are healthy, very thoughtful, and have clear goals. He taught books for more than thirty years, and although he was on the throne of the head of the Panjin Education Bureau, he still spoke three classes of Chinese. His love and persistence in Chinese made him finally achieve the belief of success and shape the future. Liao Zhi was a survivor of the Wenchuan earthquake. Overnight, she lost her ten-month-old daughter, lost her legs, her husband left herself, and her happy life suddenly changed. Only mother and friends remained. She cried, she made trouble, she complained, but nothing helped. Don't insist, show cowardly to whom. She chose self-rising, she insisted on cooperating with the treatment, she amputated, she re-entered the stage, and she installed a prosthesis. During the Yushu earthquake, she was the most beautiful and tired volunteer. In five years, she used the most beautiful five years in her life to heal her injuries Newport Cigarettes Coupons. She moved her home from Hanwang to Chongqing Marlboro Lights, and found a company to work in Chongqing. She took a bus to and from work every day. Start a new life. But she started to do micro-public welfare, go to orphanages, orphanages, and do hospice care. She said: She will spend the rest of her life to the end of public welfare Cigarettes Online. I don't want to be very big, even if it only affects ten people, but these ten people are really worthy because she has really changed! She will carry out the cause of charity to the end! Liao Zhi is now demonstrating his happy life with the incomplete life, and has ushered in a new chapter in life to pinpoint his goals. Even if he encounters difficulties and failures, he must continue to go on, and success is not far away. At you. This is the enlightenment brought to me by Success and Merit!

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