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"The Summer Solstice" is the first Guo Jingming's book I have read. I have heard his name long ago, but I have never had the opportunity to read his book. I have always been curious in his heart. What kind of person is he? How about it? What kind of power does his text have captured countless readers? On a dull afternoon, I saw "Summer Solstice" in front of the rows of bookshelves in the book library alone. It was a quiet black telling sadness that could not be spoken. I was silently reading the name of the book, even the name. It was so lonely that my eyes were slightly sour. In the afternoon, enjoying the temperature of the sun, such as the treasure, the sun leaves a mottled shadow on the book pages across the branches. "Those boys, teach me to grow. Those girls, teach me to love." How lucky everyone will meet some people, they are like angels, to bring you happiness, or to teach you more truth, under the shade , A girl thought foolishly: what would my angel be like? Will he be cold and humorous? Does he also have a pair of bright eyes, or a pair of eyes without focus like Xiao Si? Besides, will he eventually leave me? We all firmly believe that no matter how cold the snow or snow is or how long the winter will be, we will not be able to prevent the return of warmth, but everyone has forgotten that the approaching of spring cannot prevent the coming of winter. The end is forgotten, or unwilling to remember, like autumn night. My heart seemed to be filled with water, and I could n��t hold it lightly. With a little strength, I could cry, and finally, when Chen Zhi'ang held "Angel" and wept loudly Newport 100S, my tears finally came out. I did n��t reach out to wipe, letting them run down my cheeks Wholesale Cigarettes. I seemed to be able to see the picture, hear his cry, and tear my heart. This description was deeply imprinted in my mind, countless Thinking back, tears countless times. The most painful thing in the world is to be a bystander from beginning to end. You can see the direction of the situation, but nothing can be changed. When I saw the "Complete Episode", I stunned, and it was over, Lixia left, Lu Zhiang was put in jail, there was endless sadness and uncomfortable in the heart, no, the ending should not be like this, I cried and shook my head, seven or seven The crime has not been uncovered yet, so how did it end? When I was a kid, I always liked watching fairy tales. In the fairy tales, the prince and princess always lived happily together, and the vicious stepmother always received the due punishment. Until now I still naively thought that all stories should be like this, good There is good news, not evil? But this story is over, there is no end. I always thought that there would always be a perfect ending to everything, but there are so many comedies in the world. In life, do you really see that all people like Qiqi have been punished? Maybe the flaw is the most beautiful ending. Xiao Si, they grew up with their most painstaking failure, and I am just a bystander. I am young and frivolous. I feel the world is dark and I feel that everything is unforgivable. I am a weak and tearful person. , Will be sad for someone who has nothing to do with nothing. There are too many warm things. For July 7th, the author gave the greatest forgiveness and tolerance. All the tragic events ended up with a slight heartache and peace. No matter what you are going through, everything will pass. Time is the fairest, the rich is a lifetime, the poor are a lifetime. No matter how great the pain is, it will pass. The often beautiful and emotional writings elaborated the injustice, moving, helplessness Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and indifference after watching the "summer solstice", and the emotions fluctuated with the change of thinking. Through the author's description, readers can basically see some emotions in the book, but as a post-reading feeling, a simple description of the plot of the story is still necessary, so I hope to improve. No matter how painful it will be, the author told the reader such a truth through his own understanding, so warmth is still the main theme of this article.
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