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Reading the "Encyclopedia of Animal World" I felt a lot of books this summer. Among them, what impressed me most is "Encyclopedia of Animal World". Just after reading a few pages, I became fascinated. In the book, colorful corals and scary sharks brought me into the mysterious ocean world; butterflies dancing, geckos flying on the eaves, penguins with big belly, The various animals of the clever fox brought me into a colorful animal paradise. Among the many animals, the animal that most surprised me was the wolf. I remember in my childhood, in my fairy tales told by my mother, the wolf always played the role of a big bad guy, and whenever the children were disobedient, the adults always said something like "the big wolf is here". In our dictionary, idioms like "wolf heart and lungs" and "wolf howling for evil" also tell us that "wolf" is never a good thing. Therefore, I have never had a good impression of the wolf and read this book, completely subverting my previous views on the wolf. The book tells me that the wolf is a mammal and belongs to the canidae family, which belongs to the same family as dogs. There are wolves all over China, and they are generally divided into two parts: northern wolves and southern wolves Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The northern wolves have long and thick hairs, and they like to live in groups Online Cigarettes. The southern wolves have short and thin hairs, and they like to live alone and double-living. The wolf is a carnivore. As the wolf at the top of the food chain, it feeds on meat. In order to survive, it must eat animals that are weaker than itself. This is the law of nature. But is the wolf really useless? The answer is no, its existence is also necessary. The book tells such a story. Someone raises a flock of sheep in a certain place, and often a wolf comes to carry the sheep away. In order to prevent the wolf from stealing the sheep again, he found a helper. The wolves were killed and driven away. Since then, there are no more wolves to catch sheep, and people can rest easy. However, things are not as beautiful as people think Parliament Cigarettes, the number of sheep is growing rapidly, the grass of the meadow is quickly eaten, and people have to find another meadow. During the migration process, due to the weak physical resistance of individual sheep, they became ill, and the disease spread quickly in the flock, causing many sheep to die and causing heavy losses to the farmers. What is going on? After consulting the information, I finally understood the truth: it turns out that the sheep that the wolf is walking away are the weakest, or the smallest and sickest, in the entire flock. In this way, the wolf can fill his stomach and survive. On the other hand, what remains for the flock is strong, healthy, and alive. At the same time, it is because of the existence of wolves that the entire flock is full of vitality. They are always vigilant to resist the attacks of wolves. The same goes for all other carnivores. Animals are human friends. We should follow the laws of nature, protect the natural environment, maintain ecological balance, and create a harmonious, peaceful, and free home for the animals!
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