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It was a winter day, and I lost the exam, I was down, and I kept myself in the room Newport 100S. There was snow and goose down outside the window, and a thick white blanket was laid on the ground. At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and my father came in and said to me, "Go out and walk." I shouted impatiently: "Go out on such a cold day Marlboro Lights, and want to freeze me!" "Go, "My father said," I'll show you something. "My father's mysterious appearance made me curious, so I went downstairs with my father. The snow is thick and makes it difficult for me. "How far is it!" I was impatient again. My father smiled and said, "It's coming, coming soon." After a while, my father stopped and pointed a corner of my finger. I was stunned by what he pointed. I saw a few slender flowers with petals covered with white snowflakes. This is a lot of pressure for them, but they have not yielded! Their posture is still upright, although they are covered with snow petals, they are still a scenery in the winter! My father asked me, "Do you know what this flower is?" I shook my head. "This is when Lameton suddenly appeared, many poems describing plum blossoms emerged in my mind," counting the plums in the corner, Ling Han opened alone. Far away is not snow, for there is a fragrant fragrance, "" outside the station, the bridge is broken, loneliness is open. It was already sorrow alone at dusk, more wind and rain. Unintentionally struggling for spring, Ren Qunfang was jealous. Fragmented into mud, only fragrant as ever "groaning these verses, looking at the plum blossoms in front of me, I understand why so many poets appreciate plum blossoms. It is strong and unyielding, and dare to fight the snow The ground touched the poet and also moved me. The snow was getting bigger and bigger, but my heart seemed to flow a warm current. With such a big threat, plum blossoms can fight it and survive. What other reasons do I have for this? Frustrated and sad? I want to understand, and said to my father with a smile: "Dad, thank you, let's go home. "Father laughed too. He put his wide hand on my shoulder and walked forward with me, leaving behind two long strings of footprints from then on. Whenever I encountered frustration, I would think of the snowy day, And those plum blossoms standing in the corner Wholesale Cigarettes.

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