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Wisdom flowers bloom on the ruins of mistakes. "This sentence is gentle and permeates the thinking about life. It is a father's inspiration and encouragement to his daughter. It has been engraved in my heart for many years and indicates the direction of my life. This is my father who failed after my exam Instigated to me. I still remember that after I entered the first grade, I always had outstanding academic performance. Somehow, I suddenly had problems. My grades dropped from time to time Marlboro Lights. Facing this sudden heavy blow, my mood became very low. .I became very irritable, only felt that my future was gloomy and dull. In the afternoon, I locked myself in the study alone, uneasy, unable to calm down to complete the heavy task before me. Father saw me frowning at me And said, "What's wrong, haven't you come out yet? Then you tell me a story. "I nodded in agreement. I saw him sitting at the table and slowly spoke." A painter worked hard, and the painting was finally done. " If a drop of ink is unfortunately applied at this time, will the painting become a waste product? "I shook my head," Yes! Does not become a scrap. The painter painted the ink into a flying bird after much thought. Perfectly integrated into the painting. Even make paintings more vivid. The painter is wise. With his wisdom, he blossomed more beautiful and successful flowers on the ruins of mistakes. ""Ok? Flowers of wisdom on the ruins of mistakes? "I realized it carefully. Then my father's voice came." So, facing mistakes and setbacks. " Let us not give up lightly or let down Marlboro Red. You should use your brain to remedy things with your own wisdom Carton Of Cigarettes. Let more gorgeous flowers bloom on the ruins of failure. "I feel ashamed. Yes! In the face of setbacks, we should not be discouraged. Instead, we must use our own wisdom to bloom gorgeous flowers on the ruins of mistakes. Just like me at this time, in the face of difficulties, we should find our own shortcomings And make up, with my own wisdom, emerged from the predicament, broke the cocoon into a butterfly. I suddenly realized that. The words of my father, like the spring breeze, blow away the doubts in my heart. I unknowingly carved a line on the lesson. Small print. "Opening the flowers of wisdom on the ruins of mistakes is not only the case, it is also engraved in my heart.
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