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The equipment your personnel use is important. Don't let others tell you any different. Like the Sales Representative who looks forward to his or her new car every two years, so the telesales person deserves to enjoy good equipment. Good, practical equipment does make a difference. The Sales representative drives the car every day; it's a tool of the profession. The staff work area, tools and equipment Carmelo Anthony Jersey , like the Sales Rep's car, say something about them and the way in which they do their job.

Comfort and professionalism

As the major tool of this trade is the telephone, it is important to give serious thought to comfort, ease of use, practicality and of course Allen Iverson Jersey , cost. Let us look at some available options to help you become more comfortable, more professional, and more under control.


Headsets (A telephone mouthpiece and earpiece which clip over the head) are available in a range of styles and prices. The price depends upon the degree of sophistication and the quality of the headset. At the time of writing, headsets range in price from thirty pounds up to two-hundred-and-fifty pounds.

Some advantages of using a headset are:

? Hands are free to write, use a keyboard Alex English Jersey , or turn pages.
? Individuals may feel they can have a more natural conversation.
? The headset often helps personnel to cope with a noisy environment.
? The possibility of Repetitive Strain Injury is reduced.
? Headsets often look and feel more 'professional'. This could improve performance of personnel.

Quick release

Some headsets have a 'quick release' facility, enabling them to be disconnected from the telephone line in order to leave the desk, simply plugging back in again when reseating. This is advantageous if your personnel need to move around a lot within the work area. Modern headsets are lightweight, easy to wear, and remarkably efficient.


A headset may not be appropriate for the casual telephone user Nikola Jokic Jersey , and there are those who 'just feel right' holding the telephone receiver when making a call. However, a headset may be ideal for your personnel. Telecommunications companies have a range of headsets that are available to purchase over-the-counter or to order. BT has an excellent range in their own shops. If those you order turn out to be inappropriate, you can simply return them, or change for an alternative style or model.


Many modern telephones are equipped with an extra socket for a headset. These allow the headset and handset to be used simultaneously, as a training aid. You can monitor the staff member's handling of the telephone call. If the telephone has a 'secrecy' button Gary Harris Jersey , you can also give on-line coaching. (See below).

Handset adapters

Some telephone handsets will allow an adapter to be clipped on, which allows the handset to be held comfortably between the shoulder and neck. These are a good alternative to headsets, but may give insufficient freedom of movement.

Features to look for

I would suggest that you consider one or more of these features when deciding upon a telephone for telesales use:

? Clearly visible and easy-to-press buttons. Numbers can be tapped out easily and clearly ? why waste valuable time?

? Last number redial facility. This is a very useful function for those customers who are engaged or who want to be called back in a few minutes. If someone forgets to check something - just press the button and he or she is back in touch.

? Headset socket. As detailed above, there are many advantages to a headset.

? Lightweight handset. Heavy handsets may become uncomfortable with prolonged use

? Hands-free facility. If the telephone user does not have a headset, a hands-free facility on the telephone will make some tasks easier Paul Millsap Jersey , particularly if it is necessary to shuffle papers or write a lot.

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