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If you've ever played the game of monopoly Danton Heinen Womens Jersey , you've had that great feeling of snatching up Park Place and Broadway at least once or twice, then waiting patiently to build hotels everywhere and put everyone else out of the game. Those of you, who like that feeling, may want to study real estate. Similar to monopoly, real estate professionals are masters of buying and building property all over the world. These professionals know how to make investments work for them, and once you take some real estate classes ? you will as well.

If you're ready to put value on property Zdeno Chara Womens Jersey , real estate is where you need to be. You'll also be closing deals, which can be very profitable. To get into real estate classes and succeed in real estate, you'll need to be a persuasive team player who is really good with jumbling numbers. You'll also need to be good at being aggressive, and sealing the deal when everything is finished. Real estate can be a great career if you like to make decisions and build things.

Among the several real estate classes available, you have international real estate, real estate appraisal Brandon Carlo Womens Jersey , real estate commercial, finance, investments, law, principles and practices, and even residential. While all of them are very interesting and can take you far in your career Riley Nash Womens Jersey , you should pick one of the majors as it best relates to your needs and interests. If you're just looking to sell homes and land, residential real estate is everything you need.

Your career in real estate begins with real estate classes. There are several schools and colleges that teach real estate, all you have to do is find one in your state. The requirements and classes will vary from state to state, which would make it better to inquire ahead of time. Real estate is a career like no other, simply because you can invest in some property then sell it and make double the profit. If you've been looking for the perfect career to make a lot of money and challenge yourself ? real estate can do it all for you and then some.

Social Media Marketing Mentor or Online Marketing Mentor and Teacher

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Melissa Ann Mitchell is a well known social media marketing teacher and mentor. She has worked for several years in education, as an English teacher in a public school in Southampton Melissa Ann Mitchell is a well known social media marketing teacher and mentor. She has worked for several years in education Anders Bjork Womens Jersey , as an English teacher in a public school in Southampton, NY and has held several positions in different areas, like English, Writing, and Department Administration. She has an educational background in Writing and Literature, Teaching Bobby Orr Womens Jersey , Educational Administration, Educational Technology and is completing her pHd in Educational Leadership. Melissa has always integrated technology in everything that she does as a teacher and lead teacher and more recently has stumbled upon the power of Social Media Marketing and Blogging.

As we all know, teaching, education, writing, and marketing are all beginning to take on a whole new face in the world of technology and social media. Many people are truly beginning to see the power in Social Media Marketing and Blogging to build businesses David Pastrnak Womens Jersey , grow networks, increase communication, and ultimately, build the next generation of entrepreneurialism. As Seth Godin states, the traditional form of publishing books is truly moving onto a whole new level, with the introduction of the Vook Brad Marchand Womens Jersey , the iPad, eBooks, online databases, and blogging. This shift in traditional marketing and publishing is moving rapidly and people need to pay attention or they can be left behind.

Melissa Ann Mitchell, interestingly, began blogging in 2007 Tuukka Rask Womens Jersey , in order to find a way to earn additional streams of income in her own home business, which at one point was merely a hobby. Now, in 2010, Melissa Ann Mitchell has developed such a toolbox in her experiences that she is able to mentor and train others how to use Social Media and blogging to boost any business and to tap into a whole level of marketing that just didn鈥檛 exist a few years ago. Traditional marketing, like Newspaper marketing, is just simply not giving people the return on investment that they are looking for Patrice Bergeron Womens Jersey , which is why people are moving towards Social Media Marketing (which is free) to grow a network of loyal followers and ultimately, loyal customers or paying members of their community.

Melissa Ann Mitchell has mentored several people in the area of Social Media Marketing and small or home business and is expanding her work to reach many more. As we all know, Social Media Marketing and Blogging are platforms that develop over time and do take a certain level of skill in writing and leadership, as it takes a level of professionalism and quality in order to attract people and truly build a substantial network.

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