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Every bit of life will always happen around us inadvertently. When the morning sun shines through the window, I find happiness. When I have a warm breakfast, I find happiness; when I see school, I am coming. The clearer the smile, the more I found happiness. It turns out that happiness is always around us! Happiness is the morning greeting "Get up! Come on, be late!" Mom rushed into the room and shouted. I finally woke up, and the familiar figure was faintly seen in the fuzzy sleepy eyes. So I didn't even think about it Cheap Cigarettes, I sat down and hurried, and I hurriedly put a few unfitted clothes and jumped out of the bed where only half of the quilt was left Marlboro Cigarettes. I went out and immediately brushed my teeth and washed my face. . But when I returned to the room again, I found that the bedding had been stacked neatly and completely, and there was no such thing as a wolf. I first stumbled, then suddenly felt a warmth in my heart, it turned out that fortunately happiness is a pleasant meal. The half-squinting eyes came to the table, a hot air immediately swooped, I took a deep breath With a sigh of relief, I couldn��t help but gorge. Just after eating, I looked up and found that my mother was looking at me with great concentration Newport 100S. At this time, I was embarrassed to smile at her, and immersed myself in eating. Inadvertently, I found out that my heart didn't know when it was filled with the warmth. It turned out that happiness is by my side! Happiness is the micro-�������塱 of the encounter. I and the classmates are rushing to fight. I am out of school and I look around. I will see my mother waiting quietly waiting for me. I am also moving quickly. She walked, she seemed to have found me, directed at me, smiling, looking at the warmth. It was not until this moment that I discovered that I had fallen in love with this feeling. It was not as far away as a mirage. It is a kind of happiness to be able to enjoy some mysterious and beautiful moonlight forest on the horizon. It is not a kind of happiness to enjoy the jasmine that is blooming on the window sill today.
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