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The administration of Donald J. Trump continues to antagonize many Americans and American institutions. It no longer is antagonizing the NFL. Instead http://www.packerscheapstore.com/elgton-jenkins-jersey-cheap , it’s trying to help.Sheilla Dingus of AdvocacyForFairnessInSports.org has tracked down the newest filing in the antitrust lawsuit initiated by the City of Oakland against the NFL and the Raiders. In the document, Oakland objects to the submission by the Department of Justice a “Statement of Interest” in the action against the NFL and the Raiders.In short, the DOJ argues that Oakland should not be permitted to recover lost tax revenues through the antitrust laws. While not a full and complete attack on the overall legal effort, the DOJ’s position, if successful, would limit Oakland’s potential recovery — and it would limit the NFL’s potential exposure.Oakland also points out that first contact from the DOJ came in early June, one day before a scheduled (but since postponed) hearing on the NFL’s effort to dismiss the entire case. (The hearing is currently set for Friday.) It’s unclear why the DOJ became interested in the case, or why that interest emerged so recently. Regardless, the bottom line is that the DOJ, under the ultimately control of Attorney General William Barr, has decided to get involved in the case Jace Sternberger Jersey , and to make an argument that would reduce the potential worst-case scenario for the NFL.No matter how that happened, the days of the President repeatedly needling the NFL seem to be ancient history. Police acknowledged Tuesday that a woman was assaulted during a home invasion at a suburban Atlanta house owned by NFL star LeSean McCoy, hours after graphic posts on social media accused the Buffalo Bills running back of bloodying his former girlfriend.One female was treated and released from the hospital, while another sustained a minor injury during a targeted invasion early Tuesday, Milton police said in a release responding to requests by The Associated Press.McCoy denied allegations posted on social media earlier in the day accusing him of hurting his former girlfriend.”For the record, the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false,” McCoy said in a statement released on two of his social media accounts. ”Further more, I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved in months.”McCoy was responding to an Instagram post from a person who said she is friends with the injured woman. The post showed a graphic photo of the former girlfriend and accused McCoy of physically abusing her, his son and his dog, as well as injecting steroids.The woman who posted the accusations and the ex-girlfriend have not responded to messages left by The Associated Press, though both Instagram accounts showed pictures of the women together in London during a music festival http://www.packerscheapstore.com/dexter-williams-jersey-cheap , with comments on each other’s posts. The AP generally does not identify people who may have been victims of abuse.Police said it’s not clear how many suspects were involved, but one demanded specific items from one of the women in the home.Police spokesman Charles Barstow said he could not release any further details.The Bills issued a statement saying they have been in contact with McCoy and the NFL and will continue gathering information. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league is reviewing the matter.McCoy turns 30 on Thursday and is preparing to enter his fourth season with the Bills. He spent his first six seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he led the NFL in yards rushing in 2013 before being traded to Buffalo in 2015. He has never been suspended by the NFL for using performance enhancing substances during his nine-year career.Fulton County Magistrate Court records show that McCoy initiated eviction proceedings against the former girlfriend in July 2017, saying that the pair were no longer in a relationship.Court records show two attempts to serve the former girlfriend with the document but no other action. Eviction paperwork was filed again last month with McCoy listed as the plaintiff and the woman and ”and all others” listed as the defendant.The sworn statement to initiate the proceedings was signed by Tamarcus Porter, who played football with McCoy in college.Porter was arrested with McCoy following a nightclub brawl involving off-duty police officers in Philadelphia in February 2016. No charges were filed after prosecutors said they could not prove who initiated the fight in which two officers were injured.The sworn statement signed by Porter said McCoy is the owner of the house and that his ex-girlfriend was refusing to leave.No attorney for McCoy is listed in court records for the June 6 filing.The former girlfriend challenged the eviction June 22, saying she had been in a relationship with McCoy for at least two years and that she and her children have lived with McCoy at his house since October 2016, according to a motion filed by her lawyer.A hearing on the woman’s motion had been scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, but her attorney requested a delay because of a family emergency. The judge issued an order resetting the case 30 days.McCoy discussed marriage with her over Memorial Day and, on May 29, gave her ”a substantial gift,” the motion says. McCoy left Georgia the next day and had not returned Josh Allen Jersey , the motion says.The woman went to Virginia on May 31 to attend her sister’s graduation. While she was gone, on June 1, McCoy had some of his friends, family members and others remove her furniture and furnishings without her knowledge, the motion says.The woman saw this happening through security cameras that she could monitor on her cellphone and called the police, the motion says. The police stopped the removal.The eviction papers were served on the woman’s 16-year-old son on June 11.The woman’s lawyer argues that serving the eviction papers on a minor was improper and invalid and the proceedings should be quashed. The lawyer also argues that since Porter is not an attorney, the case should be dismissed.The woman’s attorney claims the eviction action was ”completely falsified” by Porter, that McCoy never asked her or her children to leave the home. The last time the pair spoke was on June 1, when McCoy said he was going to meet the woman in Virginia for her sister’s graduation.—Associated Press Writer Kate Brumback in Atlanta contributed to this report.—

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